Dr. Leo Groarke, Provost and VP, Academics, University of Windsor, Canada : An interactive session with TAPMI students



TAPMI had a visit from Dr Leo Groarke, Provost and Vice President, Academics, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He was accompanied with Ms Asha Shankar, Indian Representative of University of Windsor and a TAPMI Alumnus. Dr Groarke began the session by giving a brief overview about Windsor and the B-school; telling about the location of the college and prospects of another branch in the near future. He stressed on the aim of his coming to India and especially TAPMI for possible collaborations and joint programs between TAPMI and University of Windsor.

Dr Groarke made the whole session very interactive. He asked the audience if they are interested in international education, what kind of programs they are interested in, where does India’s future regarding education lie etc. In reply to the questions from the audience, Dr Groarke explained in detail about the various programs offered in the college, research programs in sectors such as Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and also inter-disciplinary projects as in business with engineering, argumentation theory in problem-solving discipline etc. and also that the college is on the path of developing Ph.D. programs along with the regular teaching courses.

In a reply to another question, Dr Groarke introduced an initiative called International Student Centre through which students from 70-80 countries receive social support in the college. This initiative was explained more clearly by Ms Shankar as she told about how this centre is managed by students of different nationalities themselves.

Further in the session, initiatives such as Centre of Enterprise for Law – for those law students who are interested in business, an incubation centre for supporting entrepreneurs, Industry Courtyard for industry and students interaction, Executives-in-residents, Leadership Initiative etc. were discussed.

In the later part of the session, he asked whether Indians too are risk-averse like Canadians and received a few interesting viewpoints from the audience. He concluded the discussion on the note, “Indians are more open in embracing different cultures”. Lastly, he presented a small token of appreciation to the student who asked the best question according to him.


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