Mr. Pramod Fernandes, Vice President-Group Human Resources, Manipal Technologies Conducting Guest Lecture at DISHA – TAPMI

Mr. Pramod Fernandes Talking About “How to build your career block by block”

Mr. Pramod Fernandes works with The Manipal Group as the Vice President-Group Human Resources .He graduated with a BSc degree from SAC College followed by his completion of LLB and PGDM programs. He has over 19 years of experience over a wide range of domains including manufacturing, infrastructure development, IT services and IT product development & solutions. Prior to joining Manipal Technologies, Mr. Fernandes worked for various companies such as HAL, TCS, Tata Advanced Materials, ABB, Siemens, EMC, IBM and Logica.

Mr. Fernandes  talked about “How to build your career block by block” and gave the students an overview of what it means to be an HR manager. He shed some light on whether career planning is a myth or a reality and explained about various pull factors of career decisions such as social pressure, conflicts and quality of work which drive a person to make a career choice.

He started off by sharing his experiences with various organizations during his long stint in the world of management. On graduating at a young age of 17, Mr.Fernandes was initially selected as an Industrial Management trainee and was trained on various aspects of management. Upon completion, he worked with HAL before moving on to TCS. He was instrumental in the inception of  Tata Advanced Materials and was involved in various aspects of the company such as sales, supply chain management and Business Development. He shared that even though it was tasking at times, it laid a firm foundation for his future endeavors. He then spoke about his stint at ABB and elucidated upon few novel HR initiatives which were incorporated during his time there. The first one he spoke about was the decision made by the organization for training fresh graduates by roping in power giants such as NTPC and BHEL. He pointed out that this single change helped in transforming an organization which had a dearth of engineers into one that was brimming with talent. The second initiative he spoke about was the introduction of Team rewards and recognition of employees which in turn facilitated employee satisfaction. He then moved on to his experience at Siemens where he served as the head HR for Siemens software countrywide. Mr. Fernandes explained that it was at the same time that non engineers were incorporated into the company and this helped increase the inflow of ideas and gave the company a new dimension. He shared that interactions amongst people from various domains helped the organization reach new heights. He then pointed out the excellent work cultures in EMC and IBM during his time there. He commended the extremely well structured, well driven process systems in these organizations. He then moved on to explaining his experience at Logica where he served as the Head of HR-Indian operations. He elaborated upon the excellent platform which was provided by this company to incorporate new ideas. He quoted few activities which were undertaken such as reduction of fuel price based on carbon emissions from vehicles and providing insurance for fixed mileage. He concluded by talking about the Manipal Group of which he is a part presently. He explained that employees are given the freedom to work on and implement the best of any practice in this organization.

Mr.Fernandes ended his lecture by advising students to have good stints of career in Human Resources but also work in other fields of management to get a better picture of the organization as a whole. Overall, the session was quite informative and interactive and the students gained a lot from the rich experiences and learnings which were shared by Mr. Pramod Fernandes.




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