Mr Naresh Kumar Pinisetti, Director–People and Culture at Vestas Wind Technology India Conducting Guest Lecture at DISHA

Mr Naresh Kumar Pinisetti Briefing Students About Alternative Energy Resource, Wind Energy In India at DISHA – TAPMI

Naresh Kumar Pinisetti is the Director–People and culture at Vestas Wind Technology India Private Limited. Prior to joining Vestas he had worked with Bayer, a German Pharma giant. He holds an executive MBA from the Scandinavian International Management Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Law and a Masters in sociology from Andhra University. Mr. Naresh has also published several articles in Labour Law Journal, IFLR and Labour and Industrial Cases in Human Capital.

Mr. Kumar started the guest lecture by speaking about the Energy crisis that India is facing now. He said that the energy demand was rising and the resources were reducing day by day. He told that the aim of all the developing countries is to be energy independent and to provide electricity to the masses at low cost. Governments of these countries are also looking to increase their generation capacities very quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. Mr. Kumar said that solution to all these requirements is wind energy.

He said that many countries are increasingly investing in wind energy.  Vestas is a manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines and this gives them the opportunity to grow. He also said that Vestas is the largest in the world in this field. It has a market share of twenty eight percent. Mr. Kumar then talked about its operation in India. He told that Vestas has been in India for twelve years and it currently employs about 1000 people.  He said that the company faced many problems in India and elaborated on a few of them. He said lowering value of Rupee is also making it difficult for all the companies in renewable energy sector. He concluded the speech by talking about the Global graduate program in Vestas and how it shaped its employees to contribute better to the organization.


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