Mr. Marulasidda MC, Director HR, Scania Automotive India Conducting Guest Lecture at DISHA – TAPMI

Mr Marulasidda MC Talking To Students On Skill Sets That HR Personnel Needs To Develop

Mr. Marulasidda  MC, is Director HR at Scania Automotive India. He holds an industry experience of more than a decade with different companies such as TVS Electronics, AT&S India Pvt Ltd and ABB Ltd before joining Scania. He specializes in HR and Industrial relations along with MSW and Law from Bangalore University. He was a part of the eminent guests of the HR Conclave-Disha and gave an insightful talk to the students about the skillsets that an HR personnel needs to develop

It was an interactive session where Mr. Marulasidda encouraged the audience to direct the discussion by posing questions that they have regarding the HR domain in general and in specific to Scania. The mood was set for an open forum discussion wherein people shot in questions that ranged from HR policies of Scania, to recruitment strategies adapted by Scania, to conflict between core values and the business practices.

He addressed different aspects of HR, with primary focus on the right skillset and attitude that one needs to have in order to become successful HR personnel.  He provided an introspective insight into the HR not just as a functional aspect of management but as to how it shapes an organization in terms of its values and practices. He spoke about certain behavioral traits that one needs to develop to succeed as an HR and in turn reflects in the HR policies formulated for the organization. The focus was on development on leadership skills which is fundamental to a successful HR, which he stated happens for an employee irrespective of his level in the hierarchy. He supported this idea with Steve Jobs quote-“being yourself”.

But being a leader alone is not sufficient, having the right mindset towards it is equally important. He warns against the ‘popularity trap’ that one can fall into owing to one’s ego. He puts forward his opinion about pride and ego and how they impact the attitude of a leader. Further he touched upon the topic of evoking conscience. He strongly suggested that one should never ignore ones inner voice while taking decisions. One’s conscience should never be ignored, even if its conflicting with the organization’s practices.

An HR has a plethora of roles and responsibilities to carry out, ranging from number crunching, to giving rough feedbacks, to taking tough decisions, but most importantly dealing with human emotions. That’s the primary ground where an HR functions.

Lastly he touched upon the core values that strictly drive Scania, namely customers first, which focuses on not only the immediate customers of the organization but also on the end user, secondly respect for individual. This encompasses ensuring equality in treatment of employees irrespective of their cast, creed, gender etc. and lastly quality ie to ensure elimination of waste in all processes.

The session was a thought provoking insightful talk that motivates us to focus on acquiring not just the technical expertise but also on holistic development of a sensitive attitude towards human emotions.


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