Nilgiris’ CEO Mr. Murali Krishnan on retailing and the Nilgiris

ImageThe students of TAPMI had the privilege of attending a guest lecture on “Nilgiris Retail” by Mr.Murali Krishnan, the CEO of Nilgiris chain of retail stores. He was accompanied by Ms.Sarita, the head HR at Nilgiris. Mr. Murali Krishnan has an experience of over 20 years spanning various areas of management such as sales and trade marketing.

Mr. Krishnan started off by giving a brief introduction of Nilgiris, which as a brand has been synonymous with freshness, quality and fair price since 1905. He shed some light on the retail sector in India and the key drivers for consumption growth in the country. He pointed out that increasing awareness amongst Indian customers, favourable demographic profiles and rising income levels have driven the food and grocery segment in the country to occupy 60% of the retail market.

He further continued by explaining the business model of Nilgiris and how it has successfully overcome the challenges which a normal convenience store chain faces in the Indian context. He attributed Nilgiris success over its competitors to attractive store locations, its focus on fresh produce and franchisee involvement.

Mr. Krishnan further elaborated on the long heritage of Nilgiris retail, its loyal customer base and the premium as well as traditional offerings it has for its customers. He also shared with the audience about various innovative methods which have been undertaken for customer engagement such as festival based promotions and in store cookery classes by trained chefs. He promptly answered various queries which were raised by the students about the future expansion of Nilgiris, introduction of online stores and shelf space categorization in stores across various cities.

Overall, the session was quite informative and interactive and provided the students with a plethora of information regarding the retail market in the country and how Nilgiris has established itself as a pioneer in the world of retail store chains in the country.


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