Interactive Session held by Deloitte Delegates on campus

Senior members of Deloitte’s Management team visited the campus on the 21st of August, 2013, and conducted an interaction session with the students. A question and answer session was held where a barrage of questions on Deloitte, from the students, were entertained by the four member team comprising of Mr. Rakesh Barik, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, India, Mr. Srinivasan Komanduri, Regional Managing Director at Deloitte consulting, Matt Marsh, Co-leader USI Advisory at Deloitte (India), Samuel Thomas, HR Manager at Deloitte and an alumnus of TAPMI.
The session began with formal guests’ introduction and then, the stage was opened for questions. Queries were raised on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Deloitte’s take on assistance to government to prepare rules and regulations. There were also questions on Deloitte’s recent acquisitions, and the various factors that differentiate Deloitte from the other Big Four professional services firms. Doubts were cleared about Deloitte’s Integrated Market Offering (IMO), which is one of its key differentiators, and a brief history of Deloitte was shared with students. The questions were deftly answered by the delegates and the students were told that in spite of the global economic downturn, an optimistic scenario exists for consulting companies, because in a crisis, organizations have a greater need of advice and consultancy. Deloitte is growing where others are not. It does this by growing its core businesses, consolidating and restricting new market acquisitions in these times.
Doubts on Selection Criteria for placements and Summer Internships, for the various profiles available were cleared. The Q&A session was peppered with the delegates sharing their journey since joining Deloitte and their valuable experiences.
Also, questions on Energy and utilities were answered by them. The students were given insights on Smart Grid technology and Smart Meters, a billing system which works on real-time data and other wonderful features. Queries were answered on CRM (Customer Relation Management), technological knowledge requisite for CRM in Deloitte, Big Data Analytics and how Deloitte structures around analytics.
Finally, the delegates shared how Deloitte works by thinking ahead on how technology will shape the future rather than reacting to changes in technology. There was also a small discussion on Cloud technology, and how Deloitte is a thought leader on new technology like Smart Grids and Cloud Computing. On asked a question whether Deloitte advises the firms it audits, on mergers and acquisitions, the answer was a negative and that Deloitte follows a policy of strict independence i.e. it does not link its Audit role with its other businesses, such as Risk Management and Consultancy services.
The session was concluded with a vote of thanks and presenting of mementos to the delegates. In conclusion, this was a session of immense value to the students of TAPMI, who came out enriched with a much deeper understanding of Deloitte and what it stands for.


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