Ms Anupama Rammohan shares her views on competency mapping

Ms Anupama Rammohan is the director of HR, IMS Health who has more than 16 years experience in HR with specialization in the areas of Talent Acquisition & Management, Talent Engagement & Management as well as Learning & Development. She was responsible, at Theorem, for steering the growth of the company from 500 employees in 2010 to 1100 in 2013 at the time of her leaving Theorem.

Ms Anupama Rammohan during her interactive session with the students of TAPMI
Ms Anupama Rammohan during her interactive session with the students of TAPMI

Ms Anupama spoke about competency mapping with the use of a few activities and practical examples. She started off by talking about the most opulent ship and what was called the acme of comfort at that time – The Titanic. She mentioned the reasons why the tragedy occurred which rooted to ignorance of safety and arrogance of the decision makers.
She used the iceberg as an analogy to explain Competency, which is defined as the skill, knowledge and behaviour to perform the job at hand. Just like the iceberg there are other traits of a person which are not visible on the surface, such as attitude, religion and physical ability. Analogically, the part of iceberg above water is known as functional competency – easy to validate and easy to access, while the part below water is behavioural competency.
Ms Anupama then went on to explain the difference between the two types of competency, after which the four steps of competency mapping were discussed along with an activity. The first step was job description, the objective of it, how to prepare one and the need for it in the company’s perspective. She quoted “without a job description, it is like going somewhere without a map”. A sample JD was circulated in the class.
The second step to competency mapping is a job element analysis, and followed by drawing a competency mapping. She demonstrated on how a competency map is drawn and the result of this was used to make competency based selections.
Ms Anupama believes and recommends conducting competency mapping for any industry and mentioned that the cost of not conducting such an activity will result in a loss 3-4 times cost to company of hiring the wrong person. This was only the monetary loss while there were other latent costs involved in it too.
The session ended with busy round of questions and answers.


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