Mr. Natarajan Chandrakumar, VP and Head – HR, GVR Infra addresses students at TAPMI, Manipal on ‘Performance Management’

Mr. Natarajan Chandrakumar, VP and Head – HR, GVR Infra addressing the audience

Mr. Natarajan Chandrakumar, Vice President and Head – Human Resources, GVR Infra, kept students at T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal engaged in his address on ‘Performance Management’. Mr. Chandrakumar has obtained his Master degrees in Human Resource Management from National Institute of Personnel Management, Kolkata and Public Administration degree from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He has more than 23 years of experience in Human Resource Management and Administration and has worked in various sectors such as FMCG, Construction and Aviation. Mr. Chandrakumar has been associated with GVR Infra since September 2011 as VP and Head – HR and has been instrumental in driving people related policies and processes. Prior to joining GVR, he has worked with Indian Airforce, Unilever PLC, Air Deccan, Kingfisher airlines, GMR Group.

Mr. Chandrakumar briefed the audience on organization structure and its importance in it being a clear mandate on the roles, responsibilities and deliverables expected from employees in an organization. He discussed the motivation factors in an organization. An in-depth insight of the Performance Management Process (PMP) and its objectives were given. PMP brings in performance based culture along with ensuring alignment of organization goals with business, functional and individual goals. This provides clarity of what the organization desires to achieve. PMP leverages self-development through training. This evolution process helps in understanding individuals, in determining the skillsets an individual needs to imbibe, thus helping in keeping out competency gaps. Values are integrated by linking it to results. PMP also provides a platform for a periodic performance dialogue and feedback. The significance of PMP is thus realized for the basic survival of an organization.

Mr. Chandrakumar touched upon the goal setting process. He drew attention to the PMP Process which comprises of goal sheet, mid-year and annual review, feedback and performance planning. This PMP process results in compensation review and promotions. The key players in an appraisal are the appraisee, appraiser and the reviewer. The appraisal cycle lasts from April of a year to March of the following year. The constituents of the PMP form like mid-year review, annual review, rating scale, trainings attended and development needed were discussed in detail. The speaker also threw light on other aspects like Performance Planning, PMP format and methodology, Outcome, Eligibility & criteria for Promotions, Feedback Process, Grievance mechanism and PMP dialogue feedback.

Mr. Chandrakumar concluded his speech by explaining the PIP process. It is a constant review process to ensure employees perform better, upto the desired level. He appreciated the active participation of the audience and the thought provoking questions asked by them. Thus, the guest lecture ended successfully with students gaining a greater knowledge on Performance Management.

– Media and Industry Relations Committee, TAPMI, Manipal


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