An Overview of Talent Management by Mr. Sanjay Srivastava

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava starting his speech on Talent Management

Sanjay Srivastava is currently working with AstraZeneca Pharma as an Associate Director – HR and heads HR for Cardiovascular & Metabolic businesses. He is also the India head for L&D and OD. Sanjay brings in 14 years of rich experience in the IT & Pharmaceutical industry having worked in India and in the US. He has worked with companies like Cognizant, AOL, Freescale and brings expertise in the areas of Compensation & Benefits, International HRM & Strategic Business Partnering, Talent Management & Organizational Development.

Sanjay is also certified in MBTI & FIRO – B and is currently undergoing certification in Organizational Development with “Sumedhas Academy of Human Context”. He holds a graduate degree in B. Pharm. from Jadavpur University and MBA in HR from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune.

Sanjay has been involved with various B Schools like Symbiosis, ISB&M & Great lakes on varied initiatives like guest lectures, Campus to Corporate transitions, student admission process. He loves playing cricket, reading, travelling and practicing Yoga.

Sanjay started off by speaking about the evolution of HR function and the trends in HR. then he spent some time on how Talent Management is aligned to business priorities. If  the companies HR priorities are high performance, great place to work, retention, talent attraction and capability building then the company needs talent management like identification, succession, development, skill gap, performance and acceleration. Then he went into translating the talent strategy into the workforce needs.

He elaborated about the Talent Management lifecycle, and focused on the key pointers specially the “ready now ready later” and how it is done in AstraZeneca Pharma. He talked about how the process is developed, retention is done and a strong pipeline of leaders is maintained. He talked about the various models used in AstraZeneca to measure potential, productivity and if a person can deal with complex roles.

Mr. Sanjay Srivastava enlightening the students on the evolution of the HR function

Then he talked about their USP which is their IDP – Individual development plan that is a personalized development plan which is tailor made for each person. The plan can be education based, relationship based or experience based. He made every one think by saying we should always be ourselves because only then there will be an organization culture to person fit. He finished by talking about Talent Management outcomes and examples of what the companies outside are doing in Talent Management. He signed off with a quote “It is impossible to take part in the adventure if you are a spectator on the side-lines. Taking part in the Adventure is about getting in the game and having a stake in the game. We need each one of you to help create a World Class Institution.”


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