TAPMIRadio – Get Plugged IN


OMEGA, the student consulting wing of TAPMI, and E cell have launched ‘TAPMI Radio’ on 1st March 2013. This is an entrepreneurial venture of TAPMI’s first year students Lalit Jain and Pushkar Bakore. It is a radio service which works on the TAPMI LAN network.

Expected benefits from this venture:

· Source of stress reliving for students as they can get to hear good music

· Easier way to make important announcements

· Advertising revenue

· Experience of an entrepreneurial start up

Plans are there to make this service available in whole of Manipal by buying radio frequency. Dr. A.S. Vasudev Rao, Dean Admin, TAPMI, and Prof. Chowdari Prasad, Dean Branding and Promotions, TAPMI, gave their best wishes to the students. In his speech on the day of launch, Dr. A.S. Vasudev Rao said that such ventures are welcome as it provides students an experience of entrepreneurship. The Radio operates 24*7 and the radio jockeys, known as TAPMI jockeys (TJs), are students of TAPMI.


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