Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman – National Spokesperson, BJP, addresses the 13th Leadership Lecture, TAPMI, Manipal on ‘Does India need good politicians or good political parties?’

Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman - National Spokesperson, BJP, addressing the audience
Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman – National Spokesperson, BJP, addressing the audience

The 13th Leadership Lecture at T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal­ was delivered by an eminent personality – Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, National Spokesperson – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She has been a part of BJP since 2006. The function started with a small prayer followed by a brief introduction of the speaker by Professor Vinod Madhavan, TAPMI. Dr Ramdas M Pai, Chancellor of Manipal University, Presided over the function. Dr. K. Ramnarayan, Vice-Chancellor, Manipal University explained about the “Silver Jubilee Lecture Series” at TAPMI, while Dr R C Natarajan, Director set the tone for discussion.

The topic for this Leadership Lecture was – ‘Does India need good politicians or good political parties’. Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman brought out the definition of a politician by quoting distinguished personages like Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. She quoted that India, like every other country, needs good politicians and good political parties. A good politician contributes to his/her political party which further results in good nation building. She reminded the audience that it is we, the citizens who nurture vision and this description becomes critical.

There were thought-provoking questions from the students which kept the speaker engaged throughout the discussion. Questions ranged from whether the political system was at fault or if they provided any valuable contribution to the country. The students expressed the deep anguish held by the population against politicians and the political system at large. There is a general perception prevalent that the political system, politicians and the political parties have failed. To this, the speaker responded that it was a collective failure of all three and no one factor could be singled out.

There were questions raised as to the role of political parties when it comes to dealing with incidents like the recent Hyderabad blasts.  She responded saying that political parties are answerable to the public, but regardless of whatever stand political parties take, there is always unavoidable criticism associated with it. She addressed queries like if there was an ideal stage wherein it is feasible to maintain a clean political party. To this she maintained that Indian philosophy is based on taking the median path, and not by taking extreme stands. Our society consists of both kinds of people – good and bad.

Public opinion is very critical for democracy and has a huge weight in decision making. However, it is required to assess the position of the opinion, and the extent to which it can be analysed to take a stand. She threw light on the continued efforts of BJP towards the Lokpal Bill, and the diluted opinion which is withholding the bill from being passed.

The 13th Leadership Lecture thus came to its end after an enriching discussion carried forward by the speaker, faculty and the students. Professor Aparna Bhat, TAPMI proposed the vote of thanks. This Leadership lecture righteously stood out prominent with deep insights and value additions.



One thought on “Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman – National Spokesperson, BJP, addresses the 13th Leadership Lecture, TAPMI, Manipal on ‘Does India need good politicians or good political parties?’

  1. Good politicians or good political parties? I am taking this statement in positive note. How can we define good? It depends. Any one can define and justify its actions and decisions as good one. So, in a sense, it is debatable issue and in fact politically correct question. I think we need politicians who are accountable to their actions, decision and communities that select them. We do not need good politicians who manage their impression to be good for every one but accountable to none. Similarly, we need political parties who have ideologies above their personal interest and that can unite people, minimize differences, foster harmony, inculcate and strengthen social cohesion and over and above concern for the country.
    If we take recent examples about some politicians. We often hear through media and other sources that particular politician is good but party or leader is not good. I am surprise by such reactions, comments and opinions. It means leader under unethical/poor leadership. Politicians represent the country and any act that is against country or its people should be voiced. They are representative of country first and party second. It means when they try to become good, they manage to be good or try to create environment where they are viewed good.
    Today, perhaps there is no political leader who can be role model for new generation. But every politician speak convincingly. Where is ” Truth” in the system? What about politician characters and accountability? Do they create leaders who can truly represent the country rather than the political party? These questions can question many things including questioning my position.
    The fact is that, We need to become our own role model. Each one of us need to be role model for others. Our country need accountable and true leaders. And unless we are accountable to what we say, do and believe, we can not be good human beings. A good human beings turn out to be accountable (Good…) politician.

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