Shri K V Kamath receives the prestigious K K Pai National Award for Excellence in Banking 2012 – 2013

Shri K V Kamath receives the prestigious K K Pai National Award for Excellence in Banking
Shri K V Kamath receives the prestigious K K Pai National Award for Excellence in Banking

TAPMI witnessed the presentation of K K Pai National Award for Excellence in Banking 2012 – 2013 to Padmabhushan Awardee Sri K V Kamath, Chairman, ICICI Bank and Infosys. The following dignitaries – Dr. Ramdas M Pai – Chancellor, Manipal University, Sri T Satish U Pai – President, K K Pai Trust, Manipal, Dr. K K Ammannaya- Secretary, Dr. R C Natarajan, Director, TAPMI, Manipal and eminent trustees – T Narayan M Pai, T Ashok M Pai, K Suresh Pai, K M Udapa, H Krishna Bhat, Dr H S Ballal were present for this function. K K Pai Trust presents the K K Pai National Award – an award that honours significant bankers.

Sri K V Kamath has provided a new dimension to Indian banking and spearheaded a revolution in the Indian banking sector. Sri K V Kamath hailing from Mangalore is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He started his career in 1971 at ICICI – an Indian financial institution. He rendered several years of service in South East Asia before returning to ICICI as its Managing Director and CEO in 1996. He retired as CMD in April 2009 and took up his present position as Non-Executive Chairman. Sri K V Kamath took over as Chairman of Infosys in August 2011.

The function commenced with an address by K K Ammannaya, Secretary, K K Pai Trust followed by a welcome prayer. The citation was read out and the felicitation was done by Dr H S Ballal. Sri K V Kamath expressed his courteous gratitude on accepting the K K Pai National Award from Dr. Ramdas M Pai. He acknowledged T M A Pai, T A Pai and K K Pai as founders of modern banking.

He discussed the evolution of IT in the banking sector. The year 1981 saw the advent of Personal Computers and technologies which could be dealt easily by the general public and did not require the intervention of the IT departmment. The year 2002 saw 94% of the total transactions being done at ICICI bank branches. The transition towards technology saw setting up of 1000s of ATMs across the country and call-centres being set up to supplement the customer query addressing system. All these culminated in the rollout of internet banking, which has now reduced transaction traffic at bank branches to a mere 15%.

He threw light on the technological development with respect to efficiency and cost, cloud space and cloud environment, applications and migration of computing strengths from CTO to CMO and other functional heads. Our country’s accelerated economic development, coupled with its abilities, is immensely beneficial for the youth of today. However, we must also appreciate the challenges faced by the previous generations for bringing India to where it is now. Sri K V Kamath predicted that the per capita income would rise exponentially to $3500 in the coming 4-5 years. He concluded his speech by mentioning that there was no better time than now, to have been born and living in India, and he sees a bright future for the country.

This event reached its end with Professor Chowdari Prasad, TAPMI delivering the vote of thanks. Sri K V Kamath decided to interact further with the students of TAPMI and welcomed questions from the young leaders of tomorrow. The insights provided by Sri K V Kamath proved beneficial to the students of TAPMI and enhanced their understanding of the Indian banking sector.


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