Guest Lecture by Mr. Sameer Kaul, Dr. Lal Path Labs

TAPMI , Manipal in its guest lecture series for October saw one of the most prominent corporate personalities come down on campus . Such was the aura of Mr Sameer Kaul , Chief Marketing officer, Dr Lal Path Labs, addressed the students. He was not only a pure marketing genius who bought lot of technology and marketing innovations in the countries’ biggest diagnostic chain , but also is someone who does not fear from taking risks . He addressed a batch of Healthcare students on the diagnostic market, its trends and how it has matured and grown in the India. The discussion dwelled deep within areas of how customers’ mindset was studied and the different services that were offered by Dr Lal path labs in order to cater to different segments of the society. From take home diagnostic tests to a customer accessing his reports onto a PDA, Mr Sameer certainly plugged loopholes for privacy and empowered customers in ways more than one. He also spoke to students on his passion of writing books and raised concern on how important it is for B-schools around the country to emphasis heavily on student research since the field of Marketing is ever evolving and dynamic which makes it important for the students to stay abreast with the latest changes as in the future these very marketers study consumers and create products & services to their satisfaction.

A lot of questions & answers along with a visual of the latest state of the art facility of Dr Lal path Labs in Rohini ensured that the lecture was a smooth and enlightening one.


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