The evolution of leadership

Mr. Iruvanti enlightening the management students about the evolution of leadership and the quintessential attributes of a good leader

                Mr. Vishnu Iruvanti, Head of Talent Acquisition at Myntra, who has been associated with companies like Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle and Yahoo, was on the campus of T.A. Pai Management College, Manipal, today, to enlighten the students about how the definition of leadership has changed over the years and the attributes that the leaders must possess in this age.

                Mr. Iruvanti started off by telling the management students how the dynamics of management had changed from the Victorian era, over the Industrialization and the Information Communication eras, to the Social era in which we are currently living. The Victorian era was more autocratic in nature where no one cared what the common people or employees thought. Moreover, all the benefits were reaped by the leaders and their associates. This philosophy has been put aside since then, with the decision making process becoming more de-centralized and policies becoming more people-centric.

He then went on to elaborate the definition of a leader as someone who possesses the ability to make other people follow him/her. A successful leader must always try to create an ambience of openness, transparency, sharing and empowerment; an ambience where everyone strives towards the greater good of the organisation as a whole.

Mr. Iruvanti then drew upon his personal experiences to highlight a few of the qualities required to foster such an ambience. The most important, according to him, was that a leader must be an enabler, someone who allows the creative aspects of the people under him to grow, mature and develop, someone who creates opportunities and supports his subordinates. He is responsible for the creation of an atmosphere of trust and openness where everyone can put forth their opinions to be discussed.

The session ended with many questions being asked of Mr. Iruvanti, all of which he answered to the satisfaction of the students. It was an interactive session which served to enhance the knowledge of the students regarding the changing dimensions of leadership.


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