Leadership, the Biocon way, explained by Mr. Ravi C Dasgupta, Biocon Ltd

Mr. Ravi C Dasgupta explains the leadership strategy employed at Biocon to the students of TAPMI, Manipal

The session started by asking the students to present their insight on leadership. Mr. Dasgupta quoted Henry Kissinger’s famous lines: “The task of leader is to get its people from where they are to where they have not been”.  INFLUENCE is the word which goes hand in hand with Leadership. INFLUENCE: Integrity, Nurturing, Faith, Listening, Understanding, Enlarging, Navigating, Connecting, EmpoweringTAPMI today witnessed a lecture by Mr. Ravi C Dasgupta, Vice President – Group HR at Biocon Ltd. on Leadership Development at Biocon. Biocon is India’s premier biopharma enterprise focused on innovation to deliver affordable healthcare solutions to patients, partners and healthcare systems across the globe.

Mr. Dasgupta also projected light on how responsibilities change as we move from one position to other in an organization. With the change in responsibilities a different set of Management skills are needed to drive the team towards the organization’s common goal. He interestingly compared the roles in leadership to that of a staircase with steps from Position, Permission, Production, People Development to Personhood.  He elaborated on this by stating that when you start working in an organization then you are a leader by the position you hold. Then with time and with the kind of involvement you show among the team helps you move up in the leadership ladder. Then moving from a generalized discussion to the Biocon centric Leadership Development practices he talked about the practices followed at Biocon for enhancing the leadership skills. Mr. Dasgupta gave due importance to Involvement of top Management, Identifying the competencies, Shift in skills, Focus on the whole spectrum, Stretch Assignments, Executive Coaching and 360 degree assessment. Although he considered all of them to be equally important, he discussed more about 360 degree assessment. Biocon believes in feedback for every employee, be it at Top Management or Middle or even at shop floor. They have implemented 360° feedback only for Top Management as of now, in which the employees give feedback as well as receive it from the same employees for themselves. This brings forth issues that need to be worked upon well before time in the process, hence improving the overall efficiency of the team.

Lead Yourself- was the next topic on the discussion table. He explicitly highlighted the importance of leading yourselves to be a good leader. Following were the things to be worked upon to enhance the self leadership skills: Manage your Emotions, Time, Priorities, Thoughts, Words, Energy, and Personal life. Undoubtedly all the attributes are important and well justified as well but Mr. Dasgupta shed light on the importance of Management of emotions and personal life. There are times when we have some professional or personal stress, we need to learn to control those emotions to be an effective leader. He also gave respect to the importance of personal life because he believes that one can harness inner strength from his family which helps him achieve heights in different walks of personal and professional life.

Biocon has beliefs in strong leadership qualities and skills; the company made active investments in the leadership development programs of their employees by providing Management Development Programs for Senior Management officials. The company has programs at IIM-Bangalore for 8 days for the senior officials. There are other programs on Innovation which Biocon actively invests in, to leverage the best of the leadership qualities their employees possess.

The Lecture concluded with the initiatives which Biocon takes for honing the leadership skills of their employees and hence proving how important they are for the success of an individual. So, in short, we can conclude that Leaders don’t just organize people to get results; they infuse their followers with a noble purpose.


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