Team Yellow!

“I got up early today … not that I had slept early … a thing only of dreams now … but the energy vibes combined with the biological clock within pinged me and I was up and ready. Vibes were common and were clearly reflected on everyone’s face. Tired faces were a rarity.” – These lines more or less became the theme of the week that was >>> Yes we all were in Episode 2012. After the so called launch of attack against the powers that prevail, everyone had geared themselves up. The six commands of “Operation Episode” had set themselves in right positions. What was to come was unknown … and the unknown brings out the best in us. We all were set into the tone of Episode Fest.

The first ray of everyday gave us that energy that was required to stand strong and with high spirits throughout the Episode and not to forget the 100% attendance bench marks…. and guess what the colour of the ray was ??? … aannhhaaa … “Yellow” … tiiinndddiiinggg … !!! You guys rock … such a awesome guessing power… Now before I go into the praise of Yellow or the YMT’s and end up writing a Novel… I would like to clear that every colour had its importance and significance … We realise that as the end of Episode approaches … This event has brought us closer and not divided us. Talk of Reverse / Disguised Techniques. TAPMI rocks at them.

So a few words for the colour that shines throughout the day …. Sun – Yellow, Purnima Moon – Yellow, Street Lights – Yellow, Colour of Hope – Yellow … and for you movie freaks out there … Colour of Car from Transformers – Yellow. I know this went off track … But the colour is so charming and energising … I couldn’t resist !!! Well well well !!! Enough said now … Getting back to the track of Episode.

Will it not be cruel if we do not put the “LitCom Champs” on that non-exhaustive “Thankless Job” List of TAPMI which is endorsed by SEC – President, Members, MIP Team, etc. etc. … I know it would be a heinous crime if we do not do that … So let’s put them there on the list (until some of us decide to have a heart and through chocolates at them as symbol of Thanks giving, which isn’t happening … LitCom aren’t my Girlfriend).

So these group of TJP’s (Thankless Job People) organised the best … and I repeat “the best” fest one could have ever imagined. The journey that set off with the Debate will end in a day or two with the teams singing the sagas of their heroes and their heroics … singing their hearts out … singing for the minutest element of this lush green temple of education and fun. The journey will end with the Dream Themes. The Voyage had its own hurdles and storms on its way but we came out stronger and better everytime we were exposed to “the Unknown”. The Voyage was more like Columbus setting off from Spain for New Worlds without the knowledge of what was to come … and so the journey was worth taking. There were uncountable waters and seas we sailed through … Kurukshetra, MusicComm, Words Worth, Signpost, Shipwreck, Nukkad, Kaurel Hardy, Ad-zap, Xchange (dont let the walls say a word here), Partibimb, Espirit, Fasong etc. People out there must be wondering why the hell hasn’t team Yellow written about the events by events that were, but while writing up daily, I had this uncanny knack that stopped me from doing that. I mean how does it matter if It was Blue / Green / Black / White / Red or Yellow that won, on either side of the boat were our classmates / batch mates / seniors. I know it was a healthy competition and all blah blah blah talks … but its the Human nature that brings us closer and not these competitions.

The Joy in victory of our dear classmate is somehow far more soothing than our own. The Smile on the face of a drenched Tapmian is somehow far more satisfying than your own win. The energy in body of an exhausted Tapmian is somehow far more relaxing than our own top podium finish.

Putting up results and our victory celebrations is not what this all was meant for. This forum is a  gateway to the world that looks at us …. and the world should know what TAPMians stand for and what we stand as…

The end day is closing by and the week that was is going to leave a big void in our day to day life. But we will come back strong next year. The void that would be left will always be the source of inspiration. We are carrying those loads and lots of memories with us that would bring a smile on our face even in the time of sadness, even when we will be alone … and as I write this “I have truly realised the epitome of the Episode.” The world has become a larger place to live.

Taking this opportunity to Thank the LitCom Champs on behalf of Team Yellow … for bringing up the show that was… and will forever be in our heart. And mentioning a special thanks to the biggest committee (unofficial though) of the TAPMILAND – The ShoutComms !!


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