Team Red…..

Episode – a Crash Course in Management

A marketing professor once told me in class that management is done at the field. You have to get down and get your hands dirty. Nowhere is it exemplified more aptly than Episode. Come to think of it, it is a massive logistics operation. Every team has a limited budget within which it has to run its activities for a full week. Space is limited and so is time, owing to the continuous barrage of lectures and assignments that does not stop for anyone or anything! This is the main role of management – efficiently utilizing limited resources to meet seemingly unlimited requirements.

There is a plethora of events in Episode, each requiring a lot of time and effort for preparation. The teams, especially the captains, have to manage people, their egos and time. They have to rush to the market at short notices to buy props and bargain with vendors for tee shirts. They have to organize the team before every event. No wonder that the computer centre and the stage area resemble a military boot camp the night before the events. One of the first challenges that the team faces is at the beginning when the juniors are inducted into the teams. Within no time, the seniors have to unearth the hidden talents in each and everyone and pick the right contestant for the right event. Everything happens at a feverish pace and the competition soon becomes fierce. This is management in its truest sense

So far the Red team, under the able stewardship of Rohit Ganeriwal has risen to these challenges in style. The consistent performances continued on day four with a brilliant show put up by the dance team that had the audience floored! We seem to solve the cryptomania puzzles like as if it were child’s play. The branding and promotion of Gopi Anna’s night canteen by Kushagra Duvedi and team has been going strong since inception and we can’t wait to see the culmination of this effort during the presentation round on the 27th. Where is the points tally already!


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