Team Red

The Red Tide Has Risen!

After a simmering start to Episode 12’ where the Red LSD team found itself at the top, thanks to its vibrant and creative promotions that created a massive buzz around the mess, the next few days saw some mediocre performance that brought us to second position in the points tall. Little did we know that this was just warm up for the LSD junies who were raring to prove their mettle on the third day of the competitions.

Cryptomania offered us the perfect start. We don’t know how they did it, but the team of Mathew Joshy and Vishnu cracked the code in two minutes flat! That was the impetus we were looking for. Next morning the team was at it, frantically preparing for the contests of the day, especially AD Zap and the HR  forum event. The team looked like it had purpose. It worked like a well oiled machine and it showed. Steller performances by Kamayani, Amogh, Rajdeep , Zoya and Raman in AD Zap really did zap the audience. Earlier in the day, Vishnu and Ankit Chawla showed great promise and maturity in the HR forum event by analyzing an HR case in ten minutes flat and then fielding tough questions from the judges.

We can’t wait for the updated points table. The Red tide is rising and everyone watch out, lest you be drowned.


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