Team Red!

Episode – So much more than just the events

Old timers will remember the gruelling battle between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in Manila in 1975, which went down in the history books as the “Thrilla in Manila”. Almost four decades later we TAPMIans  witnessed something similar in the run up to Episode 12’. Only this time, the gloves were off, and the boxing ring was replaced by our Facebook page. There was a splash of Red, While, Blue, Green and almost all the other colours one can think of, with the teams taking playful potshots at each other and fighting fiercely to promote their team. “Holi on Facebook”, as it was called, was the talk of the campus for the next couple of days.

The mess was THE place to be during the promotion phase. The Red team really did paint the town red (of course, the bright red cellophane paper stuck on the lights did help).  Many of the first years were bracing up for what they were told would be absolute pandemonium and cacophony, but the Red team’s, “send your crush a message with a rose” promotion created a wonderful buzz around the mess without the racket that many of the first years were expecting. As the points tally will reflect, our hard work and creativity paid.

For many, Episode is one last chance to let one’s hair down and drown in the revelry that one may seldom experience once they graduate. This is best noticed not in the competitions, but during the rehearsal phase. Paucity of space cannot dampen the spirits of the teams as the practice shoulder to shoulder with each other in the Computer Centre and stage. It’s hard escape the excitement and tension as one walks by. Even a non participant will be drawn in by the sheer level of energy and the camaraderie on display even among members of rival teams, as they help each other with their moves and take the occasional jibe at their counterparts. This is where long lasting friendships take root, people bond with each other, and the first years are made to feel a part of the full gang. Not for nothing is Episode called the “ice breaker”. Episode 12’ seems to be really succeeding at that.


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