In Brightest day…

“In brightest day, in darkest night, no event or competition shall escape my sight, let those who worship the other colour’s might, beware my power! The greens unite!!!”

 Today’s Episode events began with a bang!

 An interesting and ‘shitty’ topic was given for online poetry “shit happens”, reminded us of ‘Delhi belly’.Noel, kaushik and Jasveen  were seen sweating it out for the poetry and ultimately one got selected!

The Debate, which was more of an extempore saw some interesting goof ups (India won the world cup in 1984),maybe we have to revisit our history books J. Both Cricket and Olympics took a back seat, and most arguments ended on an inconclusive note. Green Team did their best, with Siddharth and Kavea  holding the fort; although yellow and black gave  tough competition.

Antakshari saw some big time bad singing and some good ones too.  Most enthusiastic supporters lost their voices supporting their teams (Totally worth it!!!). the crowds hooting could be heard all the way to the night canteen encouraging the people sipping their daily ‘chai’ to come take a look at what was happening .even the faculty could not resist as Prof Sankalpa and Prof Anil Kumar Gupta added a little more spice to the event with their performances. The music was contagious and the after effects could be seen all the way into the night, where teams randomly broke into songs while making their respective banners.

The banner competition is going on at the moment. The green team space looks like a fish market, but on close observation and a chat with co-ordinator Gaurav, we come to know that all the painting,sketching work has been efficiently divided into small groups. I guess this is what is meant by ‘divide and conquer’!

All in all it was a beautiful start to an amazing event. Promises were made that the fun would be outrageous and those promises seem to be coming true!!!

 Signing off …

Whisky brandy, soda pop, we want green on the top!

go greens!!!

Team Green


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