Episode Day 2- Nukkad, Treasure hunt

The day 1 ended with the “most looked up ” event..The Signpost, banner making competition. This is one event that facilitates maximum participation. Each team got their coloured posters at 10.30 pm and were given 2 hours to put up their best creations in colors. The first years soon became the kids they used to be.. holding palate of colors, brushes, thermocol balls, charts and set to task. From the Angry Neelkanth (lord shiva) to the innocent smurfs, Blue poster had it all!

Day 2 of the Episode was even more promising, With the last years Nukkad natak winner Amma (priyang) in our team, Blue maniacs were already working towards their second win soon. The play depicted the social setting of “Sab chalta hai”. The first years simultaneously donned the roles of actors, scriptwriters, and directors!

All the street Play guys: Abhishek GuptaEti Srivastava,Libhy Krishnalayam,Debasmita NandyJeevan Aby PhilipGaurav Mukherjee, Sudip RayGreat  left no stone unturned and came victorious!
And it wasnt all. If we have great actors in this team, we also have Maniac sports enthusiats.  MIB team emerged victorious in the treasure hunt organized by sportscom.
All in all a good day for MIB!

By Team Blue – MIB


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