Day 2 of episode makes it look crazier than before!

It is all happening at TAPMI! As soon as the classes get over its time for preparations for the events of the day! The excitement is reaching fever pitch literally with a few Tapmians falling sick in the first two days of the events( or is it due to the weather). Anyways, sickness notwithstanding, there is a lot of enthusiasm in us to endure all the assignments and tests,not to mention the daily trekking, and still give our best in the episode events!

The events began with the treasure hunt at ‘The Well’. There were a total of seven stages in the treasure hunt and each stage tested the skills and endurance of the MGMs. Raunak ,Pavanjot and Pallavi were at their best and MGM could manage a decent score give the tough competition! Shipwreck was a treat to watch with all the participants asked to defend their cases in case of a sinking ship! There were many humorous instances in it. Our MGM participant portrayed by Sohail showcased the potent combo of Hulk and Rowdy rathore with his ‘don’t angry me’ dialogues J the skits called as ‘Nukkad Naatak’ saw very good performances from all the teams. It was really very nice to see all the teams ready for the play given such a short time. The timngs were near perfect in almost all of them. The MGM skit was themed on the ill effects of prostitution. The characters were brilliantly portrayed by Himanshu and gang.

The episode events are making our life at TAPMI all the more memorable! In spite of the sleep deprivation, we greens are hungry for more! As the saying goes ‘the more the merrier’!

Hara se jala, hara se jala!

Kiska jala, sabka jala!

Go greens!!! 

Team Green


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