A heartiest welcome to the newbies in TAPMI from team LSD. A week prior to the inaugural of Episode, the “dreamers” rose to the occasion. The LSD’s started with great enthusiasm and vigour and painted the facebook red . Each and every member of the Red team had their cover page turned “RED”. In fact, they all posed as “Redibles” on the facebook page.

Living up to the true meaning of colour Red – passion, love, enthusiasm, and power; the ceremony of episode saw the huge cheering and encouragement from junies and senies alike. The deafening chant of “LSD” was indeed musical.

Monday, saw the event rolling with “kurukshetra”, the fierce battle between the teams was visible, the team “Red” fiercely fought with energy and the war of words was all on display. “Anthakshari” was a musical night, an the LSD’s again showed what the team spirit is all about. Although, the team couldn’t make to the top three, we won the heart and praise of other teams and the audience alike. Day one ended with “Banner Design”, the theme being “fantasy”. The “Banner” aptly captured the dream and feelings of both a boy and a girl. It illustrated how a boy and a girl have certain set of dreams and how  different they actually are .But when their heart meets, they happily alter it for each other with the sole dream of spending the entire lifetime together.

 A few lines which came to my mind while seeing the poster –

हैं मैंने कुछ ख्वाब सजाये , हैं तुमने भी कुछ ख्वाब कहीं   |
हम दोनों जब मिल जाएँ , तो बन जाये कुछ ख्वाब वहीँ   ||

आओ मिलकर देखें एक सपना , सपनो का अपना घर यहीं |
दो कदम तुम चलो अभी , दो कदम हम भी यहीं   ||

Day two started with “Treasure Hunt”, amid the euphoria and enthusiasm, the event saw a mishap since one of our LSD members got injured. However, the spirit of the game was on full display and LSD’s completed the event and gave the other teams “a run for their money”. Hats off to the injured contestant who went straightaway for Street play practice. Another event “Shipwreck” had an amalgamation of wit and humour. An LSD member portrayed the character of “Aamir Khan”.  The wit and repartee of our own “Aamir Khan” was on full display in the event. The day ended with an exceptional performance in “Nukkad”, the streetplay event.  The theme of the play was child exploitation and we depicted the physical as well as mental exploitation of a child. The play was heartening to watch and it was a pleasure to watch our young brigade perform their hearts out for the same.

The past two days has covered the true spirit of team “RED”.  We promise to keep the spirit alive in the near future.

Watch out for us in coming days, LSDians are going to live up to the true passion of colour red!!!


By Team RED – LSD


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