Let the darkness reign…

The dark is the source of all being, it is said. The darkness that we see in the space outside and the darkness that we witness with closed eyes. together form a seamless entity giving rise to the Brahma. All that doesn`t exist is real, then…and all that does is illusion..maya.
The Lords of Darkness arose and took stalk yesterday, of all the illusory entities and decided to brace the illusion wholeheartedly, somehow resembling the cosmic conundrum and recreating it , in an episode of this everlasting saga.
We debated with full gusto on the merits of comparison between various games. The games are make-believe, but we argued as if they were real . to put one over the others or all others over this one,to cry foul over the success of one and to sympathize with all others that failed, the debate was fun … and it was funny.We met all others, the various hues of the spectrum, and fought with an eerie sincerity, while relishing the bonds and spirit that are formed invariably at these happenings.

We sang and fought with the songs amongst us. Men will compete with any and every device they have. the eternal dark propensity for destruction within us. one day we might fight with our peace, which will be ridiculous but oh..so preferred than the wars which ridicule human life.we made mistakes and chose to lose, because for those of us who know, to realize the illusion,is to get out of the matrix.
We assembled in the dark of the night,in all our nocturnal glory,seniors and juniors alike,recognizing the darkness instantly. Made posters and tidbits and scoffed at colours…shared laughter and joy at the poignant pointlessness that is life…and how its only the last bastion of darkness,the dark recesses of our hearts..can make it worth any while.
It is love that makes the world go round.It is love which engulfs in its darkness.IT IS LOVE … WHICH MAKES US THE LORDS.
By Team BLACK – L.O.D.

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