Tonight we go by the loud promo…

               Dhoom dhadaka laka laka, neela neela..

Team blue is from now on christened as Maniacs in Blue..and the manics..all 90 of them are ready to take the battle of games.. The first day is marked with 3 competitions.

Antakshari the musical.. will test the musical might and bollywood knowledge of all teams..
The mighty debate is all set to test the communication, persuasion and presentation skills of all participants..
The online poetry writing calls for all the shayars to showcase their creative might…

Antakshari has become so popular, its the first game that comes to mind, when a group of people sit together on a picnic or journey. I instantly feel like singing the zee tvs famous zingle..Yeh hai Antakshari close up Antakshari. This episode the Antakshari was a battle between 6 teams Green, blue, white, black, red and yellow! Every team saw participation of juniors and seniors. The entire canteen was full with the cheering crowd, every team shouting the loud promos, supporting the 3 stalwarts that took the stage. And it wasn’t simple..mind you. Audios, muted videos, song hidden inside a puzzle, this antakshari had it all.
All the teams played wonderfully, sometimes stumbling one step and then regaining the 100 points on the next round. We also saw two faculty members coming on the stage and singing songs in unison with the crowd.
Team yellow under the lead of Mighty Setia were the runners up!
Maniacs in Blue with its team lead Meenu, were declared the winners !!!
By Harsha Vatnani
(On behalf of Team Blue – MIB)

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