Day 2 of Episode: A page from the Diary of Team White

Day 2 of Episode saw a lot of energy..First with sports com’s treasure hunt followed by Nukkad Naatak aka the street play.As far as street plays go,all the teams chose rather predictable themes.All were laden with burning issues of the day, inspirational slogans and pleas to the audience to not put up with the injustice all around..True Satyameva Jayate style,team Black tackled the omnipresent issue of child sexual abuse.Their performance was truly heart-rending and I’m sure most of us cringed inwardly at the various scenes that were acted out.The message conveyed,we looked forward to something in a lighter vein.

And we were not disappointed. Team yellow did tickle our funny bone with a not so funny issue,yes,corruption.Something we see all around us but something we are just not bothered to do something about.And the classic example of a spoilt brat,the son of a local politician , who runs over some innocent people while driving drunk and he gets let off easy due to his connections. Again something which all of us know but no one cares about..Team blue came up with India’s very own “sab chaltha hai” attitude. “India hai bhai,yahaan sab chaltha hai”..That surely gave me something to chew on. I mean yes!!! A soldier who dies for his country,his family gets a mere 5 lakhs for his life as compensation. And a cricketer gets 1 crore for a sixer!!!!That’s India for you.Kudos to the team for bringing up such a novel theme.The team red tackled issues of society putting too much stress on children nowadays leading to depression and suicide. And team green showed how human trafficking takes place and women turn to prostitution.So all were good.But..Who’s the best??That’s easy!!

Team white…Of course!!Well the “coca cola pepsy,team white sexy ” sure showed their mettle.Okay I’m a White!!!And we put up a good FIGHT!!!We showcased how society treats women. And for a change,instead of the standard”abala naari”,we portrayed strong women,the women of today!!! We do not support dowry and will raise our voice against it.Even if we don’t succeed now, we’ll die trying. And thats us..We FIGHT…Hail White!!!

Devi Kailas

On behalf of Team White


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