Creativity unleashed

When i wrote the title the very first image that crossed my mind was that of Prof.Debmallya’s PSDM class the day before and the question; what is creativity??. Last night at the canteen taught me lessons on it; It was so much of fun that I didnt know that my friends are being creative and even I am being part of that creativity by mixing a black with white to get a grey shade to color the wings of the white goddess.
The loud chants , the promos, the background music, the joint effort of 10- 15 brains and may be a 50 hearts was infectious. Today morning I heard whispers at class-“Oh! man I missed it”. The whispers of joy is always warm; the color doesn’t matter at that point- be it White,Blue,Green,Red,Yellow or Black. Let this “Episode”of our lives be memorable.

Lloyd George

On behalf of Team White 🙂



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