We The Fighters… It’s begun!!!! – An induction into the family… Episode’12

On thursday night, when we left the mess after dinner, little did we anticipate that there was going to be a transformation the next day. We walk in the next day and suddenly, we step into an alien world – filled with colors and a lot of noise. Seniors hint at something called “Episode” but it remains a suspense.

What we had to say about the White team

All the hoopla finally makes sense. The mystery called ‘Episode’ was unravelled to the Junies on the ‘fateful’ Sunday evening. More than wearing the colour that the favourite Senie suggested, Episode will mark the true induction of Junies to the TAPMI family.
The spirits are sky-high after the blazing presentations from all six teams. Watching the legendary Super Saiyan transformation, the Hulk Smash or the Dark Knight accompanied with hard core rock music can be a welcome change after weeks of case analysis, trial balancing and systems thinking. The theme ‘Fantasy’ worked magic to kindle the excitement.

And the excitement doubles when you find your name in your favourite team’s list!! Oh Yeah, I am a White and I fight for WTF.

With wide variety of events planned, there is something for everyone over the coming week – showcasing talent, unleashing creativity, making friends, breaking legs and what not!!! The entire campus has risen up to the challenge – buzzing with activities, albeit piling quizzes and assignments. And so it begins! All the teams have lined up, to fight and join Team White on the Victory stand.

The white Bonding!

Midhun R

Team WTF (White)


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