Defi 2011

Omega, the consulting and entrepreneurship wing of TAPMI, Manipal, organized a three day entrepreneurial event “Defi’11”on the 30th, 31st of October and 1st November, 2011. This event was aimed at bringing out the entrepreneurial talent of students and gave them a platform to showcase it. 28 teams presented their business ideas with passion to the judges, but only 9 teams were able to impress the judges and made it to the final round. The entrepreneurial ventures at Defi ’11 were:

  1. Custom King – A customized gifts shop that offers customized T-shirts, mugs, photo frames, planners etc.
  2. La Maestro – An innovative food stall that offers fusion food.
  3. Right Side Brains – A design firm that offers logo and tagline designs for their clients.
  4. Bullagio – Manipal’s very own Las Vegas.
  5. The Victorious Secret – Movies, motion games and Live Angry Birds game.
  6. Shutter Bugs – Customised photos and Salsa training.
  7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – An event management firm that promises some foot tapping events.
  8. Pisces Foot Spa – An experience of a lifetime for the denizens of Manipal- Fish Spa and Pedicure.
  9. Ice Point – Kulfi, Falooda, Ice gola and several other delicacies in the offing.

These teams worked very hard day and night for 3 days and tried to provide best services to their customers. Eight out of the nine teams made profits. The winners were decided on the basis of total profits made by them, Idea and concept, Faculty members’ opinion and the report submitted by the individual teams. The Winners of Defi’11 were:

  1. First Place – Right Side Brains
  2. Second Place – Pisces Foot Spa
  3. Third Place – Shutterbugs
  4. Best Promotion – Icepoint
  5. Most innovative Idea – Right Side Brains

All the teams shared their business experience and learning’s in the felicitation ceremony. Jayendra from the Team Pisces Foot Spa summed up his experience as – “Defi’11 was an excellent event. It helped us have a firsthand experience of how to start a business from scratch, market it properly and adequately and then deliver the highest quality service. From enthusiastic customers to skeptical ones, we got an insight on their thought process and what they expect from us. We learned the importance of proper team work where each and every member had well defined roles and responsibilities. We learned the importance of not panicking in emergencies and handle it with a calm and mature head”.


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