A visit to remember…

Yet another proud moment for TAPMI… A milestone for Atharva…

T. V. Mohandas Pai, former CFO of Infosys, was on an official visit to our beautiful TAPMI campus. He was voted ‘CFO of the Year’ in 2001 by IMA India. He won the ‘Best CFO in India’ award from Finance Asia in 2002, and ‘Best Chief Financial Officer in India’ in the Best Managed Companies poll conducted by Asia Money in 2004.

Mr T. V. Mohandas Pai was here on an official visit to meet our respected Director and Deans. Post the interactions, he also enquired about the progress of ATHARVA and discussed various topics worth debating upon at POLEMIC, where he would be the Moderator. POLEMIC is an event wherein we get to see the industry stalwarts and academicians from diverse backgrounds battle it out on stage in an exciting and thrilling corporate debate against their resolute opponents. Though the topic for the debate has not been finalised yet, it would surely be a current hot topic concerning business, politics, corruption, inflation, cultural renewal, etc. which has an impact on our country as a whole. With the arguments and counter arguments that would be flowing in, one would be able to appreciate the multiple perspectives which are backed by sound experience and knowledge.

The discussion also revolved around the choice of speakers, where Mr. Mohandas Pai insisted that there should be representatives of today’s youth. Our focus would therefore be to invite young and successful entrepreneurs, politicians, socialists, who provide a completely different perspective towards prevailing issues.

Indeed a moment to cherish for Atharva, which has taken a giant leap forward in leaving an indelible mark for years to come! With our theme being “Renaissance” this year, we would like to draw the attention to the power of youth in transforming the outlook of the society and future managers in the process of gearing them up for all future endeavours. Looking forward to a prodigious stimulation of neurons…….. 🙂


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