All about the online battle field…


Confucius said : No good thing in life comes without a preliminary round.

OK, we made that up; but with good reason, of course. 🙂

Atharva ’12 is to be held in Jan, from the 20th to the 22nd. However, the wheel has already been set in motion from early November, with something that has been familiar to every b-school ever associated with the event – the Waves.

Fancily named, yet crucially important, the Waves constitutes of two parts ; the first of which is Atharva Online – exciting online quizzes ranging over a plethora of management streams designed to give students across the country a taste of what they can expect, come Jan. And of course, considering the interest we have seen over the years for Atharva’s Management Games, preliminary quizzes for every event are a part of the Waves mix.

Innovative questions served up with the typical Atharvan joi de vivre, and the prospect of earning some extra pocket money off those grey cells for the reluctant geniuses, Waves was kicked off on November 15th with the unique Sports-Business quiz, Bizkick.

Specifically designed for those who could tell their Robinhos from their Mourinhos, the online Bizkick quiz was taken with great enthusiasm by over 150+ students across the country, culminating with team XIM-B taking home a sweet deal of INR 2000.

And it was ON. Swiftly followed by Brandish, the- ‘You guessed it!’- Brand Quiz, which saw an exponential increase in the level of participation.

During every single quiz, the Atharva Den housed a group of anxious and excited Atharvans, few of them monitoring the technicalities, and few others guarding the phone – all set to respond to participant queries! Next in line was the tough yet necessary task of shortlisting students who had to come down to TAPMI to be a part of Atharva and test their mettle against students from other top b-schools.

Preliminary quizzes for almost all the major events have seen an overwhelming participation from major colleges. On the way, we have seen fine examples of sportsmanship and class, all culminating in us identifying the lucky (!) teams who will be representing their respective colleges for OUTCRY – the unique trading game, CHAKRAVYUH – the Marketing Maze. SAHAYOG and SANCHAY are on the cards next.

As a wise man once said: Nothing can substitute true spirit. Atharva Online will continue to surprise, entertain and tickle those rusty ol’ brain cells (hopefully) with newer quizzes up until the D-day. 🙂


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