And how it all began…

Amidst all the anticipation, commotion and chaos that surrounded the process of getting into committees, Atharva was overwhelmed with the number of applications for its team this year. More than half of the batch had listed Atharva as their top preference! A “Live Atharva” Campaign was conducted that tested the newbies on their knowledge of Atharva. This concluded with the winners sharing breakfast with the Mystery Atharvan, who was none other than the Chairman, Prof. Gururaj Kidiyoor. What a way to start off!

The winners of the 'Live Atharva' campaign with Prof. Gururaj Kidiyoor

3 panels simultaneously conducted the process of interviews for a couple of days. These grueling sessions nearly extended into the wee hours of the morning most times. The seniors sure had a tough time selecting the special team, who would keep the spirit of Atharva alive!

Atharva - The Generation of Change

The new team was welcomed into the den, only to realize that their first task was to clean up the place. They sure did a wonderful job of not just cleaning up, but making it feel like home. The seniors, who were pleasantly surprised, rewarded and welcomed the juniors with an amazing evening at the beach, a splendid dinner and a huddle on the greens that led to a warm bonding of the entire team.

The Atharva juniors in the den

Work Hard, Party Harder! The message was clear! Portfolios were assigned and the juniors got to work. The seniors, of course, have always been there, supporting and guiding the vibrant and enthusiastic team. The immediate task at hand was to create a website for Atharva. To put this in place, the design, creative and content team worked at length. In less than a month, a dazzling website was set up!

As the event draws closer, a lot of expectations and a lot of excitement is in the air. Ask the Atharvans what is in store. Is Atharva 2011 going to be the grandest ever? They say this is just the beginning!

Watch this space for more.


One thought on “And how it all began…

  1. I am eagerly looking forwarder for a Grander Atharva this time with lots of additions and at higher scale. The most popular QOTB will be hosted by the Tata Crucible fame, Mr Giri ‘Pick’ Balasubramaniam. I am told besides the regular events like YBL, Polemic, Sankalp and others there will be a special musical extravaganza too in Manipal Greens!

    Surprisingly, this platform – the TAPMI Blog has been dormant for over two months, despite many achievements and accomplishments taking place from TAPMIans, be it students, alumni or the Institute itself. They are organising Conclaves, participating in competitions and winning laurels, getting highly ranked among B-Schools in India and VIPs visiting the campus besides, of course, placements taking place at an interesting pace.

    Glad that info on Atharva is flowing now towards the count-down of about a month ahead!!

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