The Game of Passion

Every child has a favorite story while growing up. No matter how many times you hear it, it never gets old. This is my favorite story which my grandfather must have told me a thousand times.

 Once up a time there lived a young boy who loved to play football. He always used to be the first one on the field and the last one to leave. He used to do the rounds, the jumps, the squats and every other task that his coach told him to do and never ever complained. But alas, no matter how hard the boy tried, he could never make the team. Before every game he would wait for coach to announce the team. He would wait anxiously till the very last name was announced. He waited, but never once showed displeasure or disappointment. He would just smile; wish his teammates luck and leave.

 On the day of the game, he would show up in the stands and cheer from the start of the game to the blowing of the final whistle. Win or lose, he would run into the field to tell his team how well they played and how much he enjoyed watching the game. The next day, he would start practice again. Things went on this way again and again. Then one day, everything changed.

The boy rushed to the ground frantically looking for the coach. He was completely out of breath and unable to speak for a few seconds. The coach asked him what a matter so urgent was. The boy said “Coach, I want to play in the finals tomorrow; I know I have never played in any game but I just have to play tomorrow”

The coach first laughed, then suddenly became stern and said “Boy, I simply cannot risk putting you in, you are just not good enough, this is a game of skill and passion, and you have none”

The boy pleaded and pleaded until the coach finally gave in. The coach liked the well mannered boy but immediately regretted his decision and decided to substitute him in a matter of few minutes.

On the day of the big game, the boy played. He played like no one had ever seen him play before; he played like no one had played before. He was everywhere, in every pass and every strike. He played with courage, he played with skill and he played with passion. The opposition could not believe it, his team mates could not believe it, and even his coach could not believe it. How can this happen overnight? Where was this boy till now?

The team won by a huge margin. The team carried the hero of the game on their shoulders and the coach came running towards them. The coach asked in disbelief “Boy how is this possible? You just don’t have it in you to play like that? What happened to you? “

The boy with tears in his eyes replied “Coach, do you remember my father who used to come watch me practice every day?” The coach nodded and looked around the stands and asked “Yes I do, but where is he tonight?”

The boy replied “Coach, my father always loved football. It was his passion. It was his life.”

“There is one more thing coach, my father was blind and he passed away last night. Today’s game is the first time he ever saw me playing. I just had to play today and I have to keep playing. Because football is my passion now and football is my life”

-Team Black (Agents of Chaos)


15 thoughts on “The Game of Passion

  1. I like the simplicity of the story, to me the story speaks about desire and passion, passion for the game and the desire to instill pride in one’s loved ones. I think it doesn’t relate that much to Michael Jordan’s real life incident of being dropped from the varsity team as it does to his first retirement to join baseball because that was his fathers dream:)

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