Passion makes it happen!

How could Jesus Christ let himself be crucified and still smile? Due to passion — his passion for humanity.

How could Sugriv’s army make a bridge, that too with stones, all the way from present-day India to the then Ravan’s Lanka? It happened so because they followed their passion—the passion to serve their master.

What made Eklavya a better archer than Arjuna? His passion to learn the ‘skill’.

How could Albert Einstein revolutionize Physics? The answer can be found out in his own quote “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

What made Wright Brothers make something like an airplane? The answer is — their passion for flying high in the sky.

How Mahatma Gandhi could win India’s freedom with non-violence? It is because he persistently followed his passion for India’s freedom.

What makes ‘Apple’ to come up with brilliant products one after another? It is just because ‘Apple’ follows its passion—the passion for innovation.

What is making me write this article at 4:30 AM? It is my passion—the passion to put in the best of my efforts, the passion to live up to the trust of my team, the passion for making my team win. Wow! This passion can do wonders!

Thus, the examples of ‘passion’ leading to unparalleled successes have been there for ages. Still, in today’s world, we don’t feel desirably passionate and remain far away from realising our true potential as human beings. We should not undermine the potential of passion. The feeling of being passionate is beyond words. Of course, it is easier said than done. One cannot and does not feel passionate just like that. Besides, following your passion persistently and winning requires all the more effort. However, trying to be passionate is well worth the effort, as then the effort required to win doesn’t feel like an effort in the first place.

So, how do we become passionate? Is it by birth that some of us are passionate and others are not? Is it our fate that lets us follow our passions? Is it due to circumstances? No, not at all.

Does it mean that anyone can be successful by following one’s passions? Of course yes.

Now, the million dollar question is how to do this?

According to me, it’s D3, i.e., Dream, Desire, Do.

First of all, one should dream, not while sleeping but with open eyes. The dream can be about anything close to your head and heart: a dream to be the nicest, to be the richest, or anything else, that you can think of and want to pursue. As soon as you dream, the seed of passion lying inside you germinates. However, it is up to you to let it grow and nurture properly so that you can enjoy its fruits.

The next step is to give some tangible form to your dream, to desire and to set some goal for yourself. This stage actually makes you think what you would need to do in order to reach the dreamt of destination. As you think of and evaluate different alternative paths to pursue your dream, the plant of passion inside you is watered. You feel more passionate. This fuels your efforts towards realising your dreams.

Last, but not the least, you need to ‘do’. You need to walk on the chosen path and realise your dream. You need to put in the efforts to get what you want. In actually doing it, the passion that has been garnered inside you works. It makes the desired things happen.   

To make the things clearer, let us take an example for the entire human race. Let us dream to save the mother earth from our own brutalities.  Then, we need to desire: The desire can be anything like to reduce paper usage by a certain percentage, to increase greenery etc. Let us desire to minimize the pollution around us. After that, we need to ‘do’: i.e. we actually need to do such tasks which prove that we are on right path. In this case, we’ll actually start taking the steps like planting more trees, not using plastic bags, stopping smoking, using proper silencers in our motorbikes etc. When our efforts yield positive results, our passion gets enhanced and thus the driving force to realise the dreams increases.

We actually reach from ‘dream’ to ‘do’ by working continuously, the passion keeps building up and giving us the requisite motivation and energy to continuously perform what is required. This passion, which is properly initiated, maintained and grown, does the trick. Finally, we succeed in making our earth a better place (We actually can!).

So, go ahead, and be passionate!

-Team Blue (Avataar)


71 thoughts on “Passion makes it happen!

  1. Passion… something that is not seen much in the today’s world… Is it the component that can lead to ultimate success… A Question worth pondering over.

    Pam; Great work!!!!

  2. Well Said. Paaion is the basic requirement for superior performance in any area. Every student should understand this and search for area where he has passion and move in that direction to be highly successful.

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