Passion For Life

Passion is defined as something that is very strong and powerful. An emotion which is extreme, something which has no parallel, an intangible and abstract overwhelming emotion. But a person who understands the true essence of it, and can channel it properly reaches unimaginable heights of success.

From time immemorial we have known of people who have risen to the top beating all odds, they have struggled, overcome unimaginable hurdles and faced immense criticism. How did they do it? How did they not break? How did they carry on in spite of being ridiculed, and laughed at? There is only one answer to all these questions. The answer is confidence and self belief. Belief that anything in this world is possible. Belief that there are no boundaries to rationality, and belief that if we truly want something, even the universe conspires to give you that unimaginable something, because the universe doesn’t understand numbers, it only understands feelings.

People like Leonardo da vinci, Einstein, Beethoven and Lance Armstrong are some of the few people who have applied their passion for science , music and sport over all else. We envy them, put them on a pedestal, and give them god like qualities; ignominious of the fact that in the end it all comes down to one simple thing, “PASSION”. Pure, eternal and fierce, almost deadly at times.

One more example of true passion which I have seen and experienced is of this really good friend of mine. His name was Zafar, a handsome, intelligent, outgoing and an incredibly warm person, a computer engineer from TCS, who loved and enjoyed life to the hilt.. but the situation changed completely when he met with an accident, a near fatal car accident, causing a complete spinal cord injury at the C3 level resulting in quadriplegia and diminishing breathing capacity, necessitating the use of ventilator at all times. Spinal cord is one injury which causes extreme, permanent debilitating effects, which can never be reverted.

Everyone , his family and friends were so shaken that they could not even face him, the sight of him attached to innumerable tubes and complicated wires was something which no one could fathom. It was such a paradoxical situation, someone who had so much fervor for life , could be reduced to such a vegetative state. The doctors had proclaimed that this is what he would be for the rest of his life, and there is nothing which can be done other than sustaining him in the current state.

I was immensely sad, sad for his family, his friends, but most of all I was sad for him, sad that such a promising, dynamic person has lost all opportunities to do something in life, and I thought it was all over for him. I was sitting beside his bed, reading a book distractedly when he murmured quietly that he would get up and walk out of the hospital in one year, and I cried, and all he did was smile.

I visited him every weekend , he worked immensely hard during his physical therapy sessions, and his speech therapy sessions, and his yoga sessions. It went on and on and on, day in and day out, his progress was painfully slow, and any other person in his place would have long given up. But not him, and true to his words at the end of a year he left the hospital walking, without crutches, totally and completely independent. Miracle is one word which doctors don’t like because it takes away their prowess, but they themselves were startled. Never before had they seen a case like this, and never before have I seen a case like this.

When I asked Zafar as to how he dealt with the situation, he told me just one thing, he was passionate about his life, and he was not going to allow anything get in between him and his life, he was passionate that he wanted to walk, to be independent, and not once did he have a doubt in his ability to make that possible, he said this and gave me a big hug, and I cried again.

-Team White (Mad Hatters)


One thought on “Passion For Life

  1. Hmm… Nice topic… But somehow I felt that passion was fully taken as self-belief… which may not be true… I feel that passion is more than just that… But overall, good… 🙂

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