Team Freaks

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – A phrase we have been hearing since childhood but never quite comprehended it , thanks to the never ending quest towards an unknown future.  So it came up as quite a surprise when I joined TAPMI and realized that, apart from the nerve-racking academics, we do get a platform to exhibit our talents. Yes, I am referring to our very own EPISODE – the week long intra-college celebration at Tapmi, when Tapmi truly comes alive.

The week preceding the current one, was quite eventful. Each afternoon the canteen at the Students Centre used to be decked in a multitude of colors and hues. Groups of senies, draped in colors of Red, Black, Purple, White and Green, scaling up to be the first among equals was quite a sight. Before long, the enthusiastic spirit had caught up with the junies and bought out the best in us. Impromptu jingles, mexican waves, rendering of couplets amidst the cacophony of drums and the din of plates, it was a sight to believe. Most of us were left wondering and hadn’t had the faintest inkling of what was coming next. So much for secrecy!!!

Woken from slumber and drafted into Purple summed up the reaction of most, the following week.  Goaded by Gandharv, the team captain, it didn’t take long for Team Purple to find its bearings. “Episode provides each of us a chance to connect within ourselves, a platform to showcase our latent talents and put forth the creative me ahead of the number-crunching, geeky masks”. Wouldn’t I wonder, how true these words would be I the days to come???

Day one and two of the week long fest flew by. Before we knew, day three was already on us. The buzz in the campus was about the events lined up for the later part of the day. Creative writing, a chance for the Shakespeare and Byron amongst us to prove their mettle and Adzap, a place for the next Prahlad Kakkar to vie for attention from prospective customers (read the judges) provided enough meat, to keep the enthusiastic Tapmians salivating.  Completing the party was Xchange, a chance for competitors to explore the opposite fraternity and HR fora.

While a team of 3, consisting of Bijoy, Vidhi and Varun explored the limitless horizons of words and the world of letters, Saurabh proved himself again in HR fora. But what kept the audience going was the Adzap, being conducted in the Yoga room. Team after teams showcased their witty ideas and quirky acting, which made an instantaneous connection with the audience. An 8-member team from Purple not only depicted the plight of a married woman and her attempts to gain the attention of her husband but also successfully marketed their product (dagger.  Spurred on by the war-cry, Team Purple left no stones upturned to leave its mark.

As it sit here, penning down my thoughts, my team has gathered out there to cheer up the participants of Xchange, where the participants get a chance to explore their  femininity  and look at the world through a woman’s eyes and vice-versa?

Talent in abundance and talent unleashed, this is what we believe in, this entire week. We, the Purple Freaks


Some pics:

Team meet : Thoda kaam, zyaada masti
Deep in discussion: Our captain… "Dr. GRS" imparting gyan to the all attentive junie.



Day 4 : Episode

The heroes are here with swords and daggers
riding high on a purple haze.
Fighting, screaming, burning and howling
through the episode maze

True to the words above the Purple freaks rode on with fire in their belly and a never die attitude. Buoyed by the amazing show in the HR fora it was purple all the way in XCHANGE show. The rules were simple guys dress like girls and vice versa. But what came through was a show of amazing style and attitude. Arnab came dress to perfection as Rakhi sawant.  If the voluptuous style wasn’t enough he carried it off with a “to-hell-with-the-world attitude”.  The judges and guys in the crowd skipped heart beat when Arnab strutted on to the stage. If this wasn’t enough, in walked Atreya as Mamta Banerjee. Every Bengali in the crowd went “Audi baba”.  The show stopper was Pratichi dressed as Chulbul Pandey.  Dressed to kill and with an air of dominance Pratichi essayed the role to perfection.
If Day 3 ended with a super performance in Xchange Day 4 began with a bang in Sportscom carrom.  Team freaks were represented by Sunandha, Sumith, Piyush and Bijoy. The superlative game play by Sumith and Sunandha saw them ease quite easily into the semi finals.


2 thoughts on “Team Freaks

  1. Such pucho to “dil” garden garden go gaya…especially dat exchange performance was awesum… Keep it up team Purple

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