Team Mad Hatters


Day 2:

Serenity enshrined
The color of hope ,
When the end is in sight

When all is lost,
And all is gone
What is white ?

Darkness disappears
My vision is pure,
Guided, by the color of light.

– Aditi Trivedi



Poem by Udayan:

You hail from the city, where Tomar’s had their kitty,
Where undefeated lies, beneath the crimson skies,
‘The Pearl’ as Babur said.

‘A pearl she is’ they say,
A few hesitate but manage their way
And ask for a slice of your day, this Sunday.

Of all those mermaids who were cast away,
Came here to learn The Leader’s Way,
Why i chose you i cannot say,
Luck maybe or i say Nay.

An artist’s art, a poet’s page,
The Sculptor sculpts a royal maze,
Like Quarks and Mesons, you stay and fade away,
but like supernovae,
give splendorous display,
And we eagerly wait to say – May i have a slice of your day, this Sunday?



Life for her has become onerous, not made any less clamorous,

Her own kin pry into her soul, unique in a way like the birthmark mole,

To a few heads would she talk, all the others she knows they mock,

Failing to understand that in the abeyance lies, a whole set of disturbing files,

Yet untouched by all but one, he who chooses to become her chum,

Not for the beauty but for that soul, delicate like a flower and nectar-pure,

Still happy and chirpy she stays, cannot see the dolor on her face

Because buried it is inside graves, of hopes which are all at stake,

But he knows that there will be light, or at least says so his insight,

He pledges to become a devilish star, for her so he can bend light afar,

Just one wish but he carries along, “take her life before my own”,

So she’ll not shed a tear alone, while flipping through the last pages of this tome.

-Udayan, Team White


From confusion to amusement, to irritation to enjoyment, the weeklong Episode campaign

definitely succeeded in its intention- to intrigue the junies about EPISODE! Little did we know

that the fun and games which were limited to the lunch break would soon become a full fledged

week long activity!

When people usually asked us junies, “how is it goin?”, our typical reply used to be, “Its crazy!”

That very same phrase, “its crazy”, took a completely new meaning being a part of “THE


The insanity and the madness has caught on… watch out TAPMI.. the MAD HATTERS are


– Mythreyi


Day 3 : Episode

Lets Live without Fear

A world of love,
A life without fear
Lets not just dream
It’s high time we gear.

Lets not be scapegoats
to the ploys of politicians
who at any cost want
to hold their power chair.

Lets not be foolish to fight
upon seeds of communalism
sown by politicians who are no better
than our British rulers were.

Lets forget the past and be selfless enough
to work for a greater cause-
To build a peaceful , fearless nation
where love is everywhere.

Lets be smart enough, and not naive
Lets strengthen our bonds of love and trust
Lets show them that their time is over
and its now our stage.

Lets know the futility of hatred
Lets pledge to oust corruption
and work together and dare
to build a democratic, united nation.

Lets not loose hope, and work and toil
for small drops make the mighty ocean
Lets bury personal grievances, and remember Him
whose we are the most beautiful creation.

Who wanted us to live and love
Lets not hate ech other, and hate Him
Why deceit ourselves in the name of God
when we know , No it is not Him
Lets not commit this crime because one day
we all will have to answer Him.

Lets not sleep, it’s time to wake
Lets begin, it’s never too late
Lets wipe tears and LIVE without fear
before it is found that life exists nowhere.




Live and Love

I don’t want to fly high,
My friends dont live in the sky,
I just want to live and love,
That’s why we landed from above.

Such beautiful creations , and so strange,
Similar bodies but views that change.
Forget differences however difficult it might be,
Kick your worries and just be merry.

Life’s so beautiful , life’s so short,
Make it happier with no effort.
Loving others may cost something,
But a gloomy heart can never do anything






The name Mad hatter was inspired by the phrase ‘As Mad as a hatter’.. which in

turn has its origins in the UK. This phrase was coined due to, workers working in

Hat factories, developing dementia caused by mercury poisoning.



Gasping for breath .. running with the pace of life .. lone existence with no one to share ..

fatigue crushing from head to toe .. with no moment to pause ..fighting with the mounting

expectations .. fighting with the desire to be set free.. fighting with the norms set by society ..

fighting with wishes .. panting, puffing, running.. nothing seems to stop .. a morbid existence

with no joy ..


suddenly you appear..somehow peace is achieved .. and the wings have spread .. the morose

has turned to bonhomie .. the soul is overjoyed .. the distant flight to happiness has begun to

take shape .. fear and defeat are nowhere in sight .. you are the melody like lilting refrain ..

swirling music within my brain .. you are the innocent laughter of a child .. you are the rain to

my parched earth .. you are the treasure of my life , so safely stored .. it is because of you that

i have moments that i adore .. it is you because of whom i can again wish .. it is you because of

whom i can again strive .. it is because of you the sands feels so warm and soft .. the summer

of life never seem to be lost .. you are the shelter where my soul rests .. these are your times ,

the times we know …


it is all because of you .. my love .. my “Insanity” !!!!


Submitted by

Madhur Bhargava




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