Team FBI

Day 1:

Day -1 of Episode and it’s Green all the Way !

The Day started at 12 in the night itself, with people rattling their brains out for the correct answer to the cryptomania code. Come evening, it was the war of words in the debate competition, dubbed the ‘Kurukshetra’. The topic was “Reality shows are a right way to judge talents” and the teams fought it out, speaking for and against the motion. Next was the time to decide on the ‘Wordsworth’. With teams coming up with original poems and beautiful recitations, Wordsworth would probably have loved to witness the event, which was won by Supriya of the Green Team !!

The Music lovers battled it out in the game of Antakshari, having rounds like dumb charades, Fill in the song, and the Block game. Guess who won this event? was Green all the way yet again.

The much awaited event of the day was ‘Signpost’, the Banner painting competition, which started at 10pm. Each team was given a banner, representing their color, to paint upon. All put on their thinking caps and set their creative minds racing. Ultimately, it was the Green team’s ‘Think Green’ concept, which appeased the judge’s eye and was declared the winner.

All in all, a great day for the team, but an even better day for having fun and one had a great day enjoying all the events. And with junies pitching in with newer and innovative ideas, what more could one ask for. Episode 2011 is all set to rock..Watch this space for more updates..

-Team Green Senie, signing off


Some more pics….


Poetry composed by Abhilash and Roopesh:

He thought he’d seen it all

The pride and the fall

But there had to be more

He needed to grow

As he stepped into the unknown

The world into which he was thrown

Looked insanely chaotic to him

The tide, against the swim

He looked around with loads of fear

The madness to which he couldn’t adhere

One path leads to glory and untold fame

The leap into lunacy else into shame

To face his fears he must celebrate

For that, chaos must be a trait

You have one life, you must do or die!

And most people fail without knowing why

But today he must forget, this is the time

To drink from the cup, that sweet summer wine.

Embrace the craze, seize the day,

You live what you learn, but you must celebrate.

 Day 2:

Gutsy , Ravage, Extravagant, Eagleeyed and Notorious! Another day of fighting it out, another time to prove ourselves, we will keep cruising ahead. Today’s events started off with Shipwreck. If you missed it, you certainly missed something, different roles that the contestants played were indeed a delight to watch! The sense of humour, the comebacks, the aggression, the want to survive! From a light session, we moved on to witness Social Streetplays… each team had its own stories to tell! Domestic Violence and Female Foeticide were some of the themes that were enacted out. No doubt, Team FBI put up a wonderful show!

We then set off to battle it out in the Marketing and General Management Quiz. It was a tough brawl, but no points for guessing who emerged victorious!!!! Yes..  Again!!! Team Green!!! Eldrich Rangel and Rohit Chugh, you made us all proud!! We’ve definitely lived up to our standards, “We’re nothing like you have ever seen! We are Team Green!”

Green stands for a lot of things, prosperity, survival and life! But it also stands for Envy!!! 😛 Who isn’t envious of Team Green? J But at the end of the day, we know that its not about winning that really matters, its about enjoying every bit of EPISODE!!!



The Winning Poem by Team Green, for Wordsworth :

Here dawns a life so green, a week full of craze

To wake you from a dream deviod of haze

A fortunate few in the caravan de’ Green

Coming to lead the show, a wolfpack but not mean

Vigourous shrieks and campaigns all around

Rampant howls and newfriends found

Balloons and Ribbons, Posters and Pamphlets

Souveniers for life, the ultimate amulets.

Skills and talents, put at knife’s edge

A search to redefine limits, this is our pledge.

An exhilarating journey embarked on to amass

a vision of zenith that we’ll never let pass

We’ll face out fears, we must celebrate

and for that, chaos must be a trait.

Time after time, day in and day out

We celebrate, we play, we scream and we shout

Embrace the craze, Seize the day

Do what you must, have it your way.

The party must be lived, everything can wait

Why follow others when you can write your own fate.

This was a collective effort from Abhilash, Roopesh and Vipin, recited by Supriya



Day 3 : Episode

The Green Bandwagon Rolls on..

The day started off with classes as usual..but we were waiting for the events to commence. Creative writing was the first event of the day. Nikhil, Abhilash and Rohit Ganeriwal set their creative grey cells working.. and also had fun at the same time. Even the picture suggests so 😉

Ad-Zap came next and the Green team literally zapped everyone’s hearts with their ideas!! Kudos to Eldrich Rangel and team for putting up a great show. No wonder we won the event..

However, it was soon time for the most awaited event yet..No points for guessing it right.. Xchange !!

All the students had a ball as the participants came all guns blazing for scoring points.. Raman, Abhlash and Shambhavi gave great performances and left the audience in splits 😀


Day 4: Episode

Another Green Day

The much awaited Choreocom event was here !! Be it the impromptu rounds, or the choreographed sequence, the participants, both Junies and Senies, set a high standard for the other teams to match. Special mention to Senies Prachi and Konda !! Konda set the stage on fire with his jhatkas and thumkas and the judges in splits !!

But one look at the audience, and one would have realized that that’s where the actual ‘mazaa’ was..The Green senies stole the show with their performances off the stage, full of Zing. As Karan Rathi put it, ‘If you wanna dance, dance like Team GREEN !!’

Next up, was Laurel and Hardy. With Nirmit and Raman as the participants, the Green team sure won the audience’s hearts with their wonderful impersonation of KBC ( a poorer version though). Be it the explanations of the Lifelines, (Phone a friend, where you just get to give a missed call, as this was a poorer KBC) or the questions, it was hilarious.

Another good day for the Green Team comes to an end..just a few more days to go before Episode ’11 closes..Having one of the best set of junies one could ask for, the Green Senies are sure gonna miss Episode big time when it gets over..

–          Preetha D.


Some more Pictures :

Way to have fun !!


12 thoughts on “Team FBI

  1. the best set of junies i have come across in episode 11 ‘..enthusiasm , dedication , talent et all ….. no reason why we cant paint the town green….. GO GREEEEEEEEN!!!

  2. Be it a stress filled life, be it sickness, or be it grave problems, nothing is gonna put Team Green’s enthusiasm down…!

  3. Kudos to the junies for the amount of efforts they are putting in this event … they have turned out to be more than what we thought of’em

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