Team Avataar

Day 1:

This day starting at midnight, we declared the most awaited event Episode open. It is the coming together of 400+ tapmi-ians under the umbrella of umpteen colors. Purple shouts, red is loud, green relied on gin, white became snowy, and the black declared “Its Back”, and Blue were the chosen few.

Selected randomly, we were lucky to be in Team Blue. From the time the clock struck twelve, our spirits roared, bubbling with enthusiasm, we shouted our loud slogan “We are the chosen few, we are team blue” and then we waived our hands to show that avatars from the outer world such as superman, batman and people from pandora are here to help us in our initiatives. And we also personified the theme of this year “Decoding madness”. Day 1 was earmarked with a a lot of activities, including and not limited to antakshri, cryptomaniac quiz, banner painting, wordsworth poetry recitation and debate on a very stimulating topic doing rounds in minds of all people currently. The day began with cryptomaniac, where in all minds were involved in cracking the most difficult of puzzles. Then people stood for and against the motion ” Reality shows are a right way to judge talents” and then we found newer poets in our batch. With colorful poems, original creations and great recitations, the event became a success. At 10 pm at night, we started making the banner, all people contributed with sketches and paints and the creativity flowed at its best. We saw remarkable participation from a large number of friends, who supported in our cause, a cause of Environment protection. We look forward to more events in the days to come and we pledge to Bleed Blue each day and win all hearts in the process and enjoy to the maximum.

-Harsha Vatnani, Team Avataar


Day 2 :

Day 2 of Episode took a great turn for Team Blue!

We were excited to know that we were declared as the Runners up of the SignPost Making!

With all the encouragement we got from this, we started preparing for the Nukkad competition that was to be conducted in the evening. The concept of “Exploitation of Women” was adapted into the street play by the juniors in a great show of talent. Though the time was limited, great efforts were put in by the team members and the final outcome was there for everyone to see. A great performance was put up by the entire “drama team” and the Avatars stole the show tonight. Though the dedication of the entire team of Sulochna, Ramaa, Ramneek, Srija, Saurab Biswas, Priyang, Amit Pansari, Raman Gupta made the super act possible, the show stealer was Priyang, with his performance as the orthodox grandmother.  Way to go team!

Kudos to Avatars!


Niveditha G



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