Episode ’11 Kicks off!

EPISODE, the first major event of TAPMI which lays the foundation for the bonding that develops between the senior and the junior batches, started off on a wonderful note.

Six teams make EPISODE this year, namely:

          – Agents of Chaos

          – Avataar

          – FBI

          – Freaks

          – Mad Hatters

          – S.O.S

The teams are being led by Mr Vivek Rathi, Mr Krishna Chaitanya, Mr Sandeep Nayak, Mr Gandharv Raj Sethi, Ms Rashmi Manani and Mr Karan Budhiraja respectively from the PGP 2 batch. The colours that the teams have chosen to represent them are Black, Blue, Green, Purple, White and Red respectively, bringing more colour to TAPMI than ever before. The cafeteria is enough proof of what a combination of these colours can do to the college.

The presentations which were done with a mix of class, insightfulness and creativity to induct the juniors into one of the six teams raised the expectations of all, and the way they surpassed all expectations was a sight to be seen and remembered!

The whole college is now looking forward to this 7-day extravaganza. Let the Games Begin!


-Media & Industry Relations Committee


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