Induction of the 2011-13 Batch

The 29th batch of PGDM students joined the TAPMI family through a formal induction programme that spanned two days – 1st and 2nd of July, 2011

Prof Simon George, Dean (Academics) welcomed the gathering. He spoke about the chief guest and took the opportunity to highlight TAPMI’s relation with Syndicate Bank. Dr. Vasudeva Rao, the Director, welcomed the new batch to the ‘new Badagebettu village’. He walked the new batch through the history and culture of TAPMI, and also of the Manipal town. He also mentioned the strengths of TAPMI’s PGDM program and highlighted the various ratings, accreditations and MoUs of the institute. He also talked about the various other programs that are provided by the institute including healthcare management and e-governance program. He finally advised the students to strive for greater heights and global reach.

It was Mr. Pradeep Kumar Saxena, General Manager (Administration), Syndicate Bank who adorned the chair as the chief guest of the programme. He encouraged the new students to become leaders in their respective fields by having the 3 virtues of:

·     Integrity and Honesty

·     Basic Intelligence

·     Good Judgement

He also highlighted the purpose of education by quoting from Swami Vivekananda, “Education must bring out the divinity latent in man”.  He also mentioned the personal traits a new student should have to succeed, which included remaining happy, always smile, work hard, respect the teachers, not to forget the family and to work for the society.

He concluded by saying “MBA stands for Mind, Body and Art. Success depends on the harmony between these three”

Dr.Shantaram, Trustee & Governing Council Member of TAPMI, in his talk recounted the foundation laid by the visionaries Shri T.M.A.Pai and T.A.Pai which led to Manipal becoming a centre for universally acclaimed group of institutions.

The two-day induction program ended on a festive mood on July 2nd, with the new members of the family enthralling and entertaining the audience with their talents.

The evening started off with the hosts of the day Ms. Chhavi Gupta and Ms. Suchismita Roy welcoming the audience. A prayer to the almighty in the form of an invocation song was rendered by Ms. Neha. What followed was a display of pure talent. The dances, songs, dramas and skits spellbound the audience for almost two hours. The performances not only displayed the students’ passion for extra-curricular activities, but also their unity and spontaneity in organising themselves. The show came to an end with PGP-2 [2010-12] batch students also displaying their skills.

Prof. Chowdari Prasad who addressed the audience, said that this was just the start and TAPMI had more to offer in the coming days, not only with its academic rigour, but also with its extra-curricular activities. He also appreciated the new batch students who came up with such a wonderful performance within such short time of two days.

The whole event was co-ordinated with the help of the cultural committees and students of the 2010-12 batch.


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