Summer Hues 2011

TAPMI organized its annual alumni meet, Summer Hues 2011, on the 22nd of May 2011, across 4 cities – Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. It was another occasion for the alumni to share their memories from the past and also the changes that have happened in TAPMI over the years.

An assortment of pictures from all 4 locations of the meet follows:

The Chennai leg of the event was held at Hotel Benz in T. Nagar and was chaired by Prof. Chowdari Prasad. The event was also attended by Prof. Srivatsa from TAPMI and Prof. T.N.Badri, an ex-professor from TAPMI. It started with Prof Chowdari Prasad welcoming the gathering. He gave everyone the latest news about TAPMI, regarding the new campus, which was inaugurated by the Honourable President of India, Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. He also talked about the Blue Ocean Research center started by TAPMI in Bengaluru and about ICAF and about last year’s highlights. This was followed by an informal introduction session where the alumni and the students introduced themselves. Two senior alumni from the 96 and 97 batch also shared some of their experiences during their time in the college. The group then discussed about various ways by which TAPMI’s alumni connections can be improved. The group came with quite a number of good suggestions like bi-yearly meets and to and fro communication between alumni and the college. The discussion progressed through dinner.

The Hyderabad meet was held at Aditya Park Hotel in Ameerpet, and chaired by Prof. R C Natarajan. The variation in the batches of the alumni was vast.  Alumni from batches as early as 1988 till as recent as 2010 turned up for the event. Prachi Gupta, organizer and member of AAC, welcomed the gathering on behalf of TAPMI. Prof R C Natarajan then set the ball rolling by recollecting some memories involving those who had come.  Others chipped in and soon everyone was sharing their experiences of TAPMI. The topics covered all aspects of life @ TAPMI, from assignments, quizzes and exams, to hostel perm timings and canteen food. The discussions also involved infrastructure, sport and facilities and other aspects, but mainly focused on the current status of the faculty. Many expressed genuine interest in learning more about the teachers who taught them. Finally they also gave valuable advice regarding career choices to the present students.

The Kolkata meet took place at Saurav’s- The Food Pavilion, and was chaired by Prof. Jaba Gupta. The alumni reached the venue by noon, and everyone got busy talking about their experiences. A round of introductions took place, and soon the conversation drifted to old TAPMI days, comparison of the old campus with the new campus, and memories of the outbound learning program. Announcements about the Bangalore meet and other initiatives taken by AAC were made. Intense discussions about strengthening of alumni network took place, with a lot of suggestions poured in from different alumni.  Everyone had a great afternoon, reminiscing old days and promising to stay connected in a mutually beneficial relationship with TAPMI.

The Mumbai leg of the meet was held at Hotel Saffron Spice. The event was a grand success with alumni from varied batches right from 1993 to 2011. The largest number of alumni came from the 2009 batch. The event began with an informal interaction between the alumni from different batches. Dinakaran, President of the current Students Council at TAPMI, gave a brief talk about the developments at TAPMI in the last year. The alumni were proud to know that TAPMI will very soon become the first institute in the country to get the prestigious AACSB accreditation. This was followed by an introduction session, where the alumni spoke about the current roles in their organizations, as well as the highlights of their life at TAPMI, along with memories of their batch-mates and professors. After the introduction, everyone proceeded for a lavish spread organized for dinner. The Alumni Affairs Committee (AAC) received constructive feedback and suggestions from various alumni, which will be implemented to further strengthen the bond between the alumni and the institute.

In essence, the meet was able to fulfil its intended purpose of strengthening the bond between the institute and its beloved alumni. The Alumni Affairs Committee will undoubtedly work on the various suggestions provided by alumni and strive to make these meets even more fruitful in the coming years.

-Media & Industry Relations Committee


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