Passing the baton..

The official handover of the committees from the seniors to the juniors and the honoring of the student achievers of the year took place on the 28th of February 2011.

The day started with Dr. Jagmeet Kaur, the Master of the Ceremony, inviting the senior SEC (Students’ Executive Council) President, Bharat Govindarajan, to say a few words. Bharat gave a rousing speech, wherein he encouraged the students to be more proactive and said that they (the 2009-2011 batch) had done what they could have, and now, it was up to the next batch to take TAPMI to greater heights.

As the event progressed, all the SAC (Student Activity Council) members came one by one to introduce the respective new committees for the coming year and they all wished the new batch the very best for their future endeavors. Be it MIRC or BrandScan, Atharva or the functional Fora or the informal committees, everyone got a thunderous applause as they each had a photo clicked with the Director and Faculty members.


Dinakaran next took the stage as the new President of the SEC. He talked of Change being the mantra for the senior batch, and that the new mantra will be Transformation.

The Director, Dr.Saji Gopinath next took the stage to wish both the senior and the junior batches the very best. This was followed by the felicitation of all the students who had brought laurels to the college, by winning awards in events all over the country. Everyone clapped hard as one by one, the award winners took the stage. Be it for quizzing, or scholarships, or B-plans, the TAPMI students had done it all.

Hope that the new committee members work in an outstanding manner and make everyone associated with the college proud. Here’s wishing all of them the Best of Luck!


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