‘Atharva 2010-11’ kick-starts!

Atharva 2010-11

TAPMI’s International B-school fest ‘Atharva 2010-11’  was formally inaugurated by Mr. Santosh Desai, MD & CEO of FutureBrands (Branding services arm of Future Group). Mr. Santosh Desai is an IIM-A post graduate and is well known for his Times of India column: City City Bang Bang. He has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and authored a book named ‘Mother Pious Lady: Making Sense of Everyday India’.

Dr. Vasudeva Rao, Dean (Administration) of TAPMI declared the event open after the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guest Mr.Santosh Desai. Prof.Chowdari Prasad, Dean (Planning & Development), TAPMI introduced the chief guest to the gathering. The Convenor of Atharva, Mr.Shovan Kumar gave brief background about Atharva.

Mr. Santosh Desai addressing the students of TAPMI

Mr. Desai, in his inaugural address talked about ideation and his perspectives on the changes in India. He said ideation lies in seeing the old in new ways and the challenge lies in creating original ideas that connect with the customers and last longer. He felt that we need to come out of the ‘sameness epidemic’ and create ideas that are different and admirable. He said that we are almost in a world of parity – in resources, abilities and technology, which makes it difficult to move to the next level. According to him, organizations should make ideation a natural process and not treat it as a separate exercise.

Talking on brands, Mr.Desai said that brands are what a company believes in and how it sees the category it operates in. He explained how customer relationship is viewed differently by Indian banks and multinational banks. Through two advertisements he showed how MNC banks held a transaction view of customer relationship whereas Indian banks focused on the trust or emotional bond created with the customer. He also shared his thoughts on how the Indian middle class had changed over time away from a utilitarian view of products. He said that the middle aged Indian has moved on to choose a bike over a scooter – which shows his change in taste from functionality to style. He urged that management students should learn to question implicit assumptions and should have disrespect for mediocrity.

Atharva is organized by the students of TAPMI, under the able guidance of the faculty. The highlights of this year are Quiz on the Beach- a corporate quiz, Sanchay – an Agri-supply chain simulation event, Sankalp – a Business plan contest and Sahayog – a live case study event to formulate a turnaround strategy for an NGO.

Atharva 2010-11 is based on the theme of ‘Yuva’ – the Indian youth who have the potential and the responsibility of a better tomorrow. The ninth edition of Atharva has various events spread across four days till 23rd January that would bring out the best of talent among B-school students.

YUVA - The Changing Face of the Nation

One thought on “‘Atharva 2010-11’ kick-starts!

  1. The selection of Chief Guest was an excellent choice. Mr Santosh Desai, an alumnus of IIM-A, very succenctly put forth the typical Indian middle-class consumer behaviour. The presentation was well received by the audience with live and day-to-day examples of a common man. He too was very impressed with our campus and students/faculty/environment. I wish that the whole event goes well.

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