Events Galore @ TAPMI

The last few days saw a lot of fun activities in the campus. The first among them was Naach, which is the annual inter-class Dance Competition held at TAPMI. Held on the evening of 28th October, Naach was a big success, thanks to the overwhelming participation by almost the entire college! Be it the almost professional performance of Team BPO from PGP2, or the highly entertaining and high on energy show by Team Happy Feet from PGP1, each class made sure that they put their best ‘dancing foot’ forward! The competition was won by Team BPO, followed closely by Happy Feet. The class from HCM also put up a spirited show at the end.

NAACH was immediately followed by DEFI-10, which is the annual Entrepreneurship event at TAPMI. 8 teams with very new and unique ideas were selected to implement their Business plans within the limits of Manipal. Be it the Grab-a-Zorb team that brought Zorbing to Manipal and to TAPMI, or Team Aagama which delivered fresh fruits at every doorstep, or Team LucreSource which did everything from having a chat stall to massaging, DEFI was one event which was enjoyed by one and all! The creativity of all the teams was well appreciated by the students, and everyone is looking forward to DEFI-11 to implement even newer ideas!

Snapshot of Events at TAPMI

The BrandScan 2010 team officially announced the 10 different market research projects that will be undertaken during BrandScan, which is going to be held at the MJC grounds on 13th and 14th November. All the students were divided into groups, with each group working on one of the projects. This Sunday also saw the official opening of BrandScan 2010, with a 5 km. Marathon organized by the students of TAPMI for the cause “Say NO to Drugs!!”

Apart from all these events, the students of TAPMI also celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, inside the campus. Friday evening saw a Lakshmi pooja held in the Student Centre, which was attended by one and all. This was followed by students bursting crackers near the Academic Block, and spreading goodwill among each other. It was another occasion where the entire campus joined hands to celebrate the feeling of togetherness.


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