Cricket, with a difference, in TAPMI

Well Cricket @ TAPMI

It was one of those rare “long weekends” in TAPMI (Saturday & Sunday off)! PGP-1 had just finished their end theme exams. The time for fun couldn’t have got any better when the Ayodhya judgement dates fell on this “fun day”. As a precaution, the students were advised to get back in campus by 8 PM. Also, none of the popular student hang-outs were open in Udupi/Manipal on the directions of the district administration.

Just when students thought that there was no fun to look forward to after the exams, the Sports Committee of TAPMI, popularly known as SportsCom, took this opportunity to organize cricket in the “well area” of the student’s centre under the lights from

8 PM onwards. Though the game takes inspiration from cricket, the rules are quite strange keeping in mind the space constraints. And this time around, SportsCom introduced even more strange rules into this game of “well-cricket” played in TAPMI.

All teams had to compulsorily have a girl in the team. This was done with an intention of involving the girls into this game rather than being called as the “guy’s game” in TAPMI. To give them a fair chance, rules were introduced that the runs scored by the girl will be doubled. Also she had to bowl one over in the match. And at the end of the tournament, it turned out that this particular over bowled by the girl, turned the tide of the match in most matches. In fact, the highest wicket-taker in the tournament, turned out to be the female member of the winning team!!

The event turned out to be a huge success with over 16 teams participating and a wonderful crowd to cheer them up. In the end, everyone had a welcome break from the rigorous life in TAPMI.

– SportsCom


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