10 Life Lessons from a Nomad Banker

Mr. Shiva Iyer, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, JP Morgan Chase Bank Global Emerging markets – India visited TAPMI on 25th September. Mr. Iyer shared his life experiences in the form of ten lessons, with the students of TAPMI, about which he thinks every MBA student should know at their young age when they are still in college.    

The Bloomberg screen shown by Mr. Shiva Iyer

He also demonstrated to the students of TAPMI various operations that can be performed using Bloomberg screen like watching for any stock traded on any of the exchanges in the world, currency trading, using technical analysis for any security, details about any organization, finding a place to dine-in and what not. This was also a great learning session for the students of TAPMI in terms of lessons from a life of nomad banker. Lessons which Mr. Iyer shared were  

  1.  Believe in yourself
  2.  No substitute for hard work
  3.  Persistence
  4.  Managing human relationship is important
  5.  Personal Grooming
  6. Memory for details
  7. Boss likes a clone
  8. Good and bad cycles happen to everyone
  9. Always have a good intention but be alert
  10. Three books which Mr. Iyer wished he would have read when he was young
    • Sri Chankya Niti-Shatra
    • Art of War by Sun Tzu
    • The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

During the interactive session Mr. Iyer answered queries of the students regarding their career options in the finance field and also discussed issues related to the banking industry, emergence of microfinance as a industry and bond market in the Indian scenario.  It was indeed an enriching experience for the students.


One thought on “10 Life Lessons from a Nomad Banker

  1. Mr Iyer is a versatile personality with an MBA from Yale University, USA. Having spent about two decades in USA and returned in 2007 with a varied experience in different types of financial outfits, Mr Iyer was the right speaker to have addressed our young budding managers on campus. I am sure our students have gained listening to him and his experiences and would take a leaf from his life.

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