Experience @ Sphoorti

The time spent at Sphoorti as part of our NGO project was a whole new experience of fun mixed with satisfaction and happiness.  Sphoorti, a cradle for happiness for 112 underprivileged children, is an NGO based in Hyderabad which believes in and works towards providing opportunities to disadvantaged children to transform their lives through comprehensive care. It provides them with security of food and shelter, empowers them with education which otherwise would have been a far-cry and thus fills their future with hope and aspiration.  Mr. Srivyal Vuyyuri, the founder of Sphoorti Foundation, gives personalized attention to each of these children. Talk to him and you will realize how much passionate he is about creating a difference in the life of these children and how much serious he is to professionalize such social initiatives and make them as one of the career options which the current generation can take up full-time as he has done.

Sphoorti , Hyderabad

Children are the heart and soul of Sphoorti. They are a very happy bunch of kids- studying, playing and enjoying with their fellow mates. Sphoorti has helped them come out of their troubled past and shared this happiness and joy. The main characteristic of these children are that at such a tender age they are so responsible, so selfless, so respectful, so sharing and so caring. The elder children takes care of the younger ones, be it studies or others.  Each one of them knows about the other so much. They know who sings well, who dances well, who has secured the first rank in examination, who wants to be a doctor, and what not. It was amazing to see such bonding among children coming from different places across the state of Andhra Pradesh. They don’t hesitate to give up their shares of fun for the other. Not a single occasion of conflict resulted in fights or infringement, they handle such situations with “sacrifice”.  For the girls kho-kho and kabbadi are the main sports and for the boys it is cricket. How many times you have prayed before having your meal? But they do. Thanks to Sphoorti, they can all study in an English medium school. The most senior of the children is currently doing his engineering and live along with the rest of the boys.  They will all be supported till the time they complete graduation and get into jobs and be independent in life.

We wish Sphoorti all the best in its endeavors and hope that these children will emerge with renewed strengths and drive as ‘Sphoorti’ the name suggests.

– Subhashis Biswas (Batch 2009-11)


One thought on “Experience @ Sphoorti

  1. It is heartening to note that PGP (or MBA) students get sensitised with the two week NGO training as part of their curriculum. After all, Ethics, Governance or Corporate Social Responsibility or for that matter Strategy cannot simply be taught within the four walls of a class room. Practical or Hands on learning is very powerful and reinforces their lessons from a book or a lecture.

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