School library set up by TAPMIans

This Independence Day was special for Udupi Zilla Panchayat Samyuktha Praudha Shale, Manipal and TAPMI as the Social Endeavor Group (SEG), the student driven social initiative group of TAPMI donated about 500 books and also helped the government school set up a dedicated library in the school premises.

The library was inaugurated by Colonel Thammayya Udupa, Manager (Administration) and Prof. Raghunath Rudran of TAPMI. Col. Thammayya in his address urged the students to read more by saying, “A person who does not read is as good as a person who cannot read”. Mr.Prakash, Head Master of the school said, “We thank TAPMI and are very happy that our students would now be able to read in a dedicated library, also special time would be allocated to encourage students to read the library books”. The library has a collection of about 500 books (English and Kannada) on varied topics ranging from inspirational biographies, short stories and English grammar which would benefit more than 400 students currently studying at the school.

Library Inauguration on Independence Day
Library Inauguration on Independence Day

Apart from this, PGP2 students have been taking English classes since last month in this school for more than 70 students belonging to 8th, 9th and 10th std. The school students are taught general spoken and writing skills which augments their routine English course. Prof. Rudran said, “I believe giving back to the society in terms of our time and effort is more important than just a monetary support“. Going forward, the SEG also plans to set up a science laboratory for the school and also increase the library collection.

-Media & Industry Relations Committee


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