‘Giving back to the society’- TAPMI making a difference on the 64th Independence Day

The 64th Independence day was marked with not one but two occasions in which TAPMIans came forward to contribute to the society.

TAPMI commemorated India’s 63 years of independence, remembering the words of Jawaharlal Nehru “To the people of India whose representatives we are, we make appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill-will or blaming others. We have to build the noble mansion of free India where all her children may dwell.”  

Dr A S Vasudev Rao, Senior Professor and Dean (Administration) was the Chief Guest of the function .The function started at 8:30 am in front of the Knowledge Centre. Faculty members had reached with their family members to celebrate the day. Students came in good number to celebrate and to salute the martrys who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India . As a respect to the nation and the tricolour, everyone present was dressed in formals.The function began with the hoisting of the flag by the chief guest followed by the singing of the national anthem. The day was much more than just a celebration .It reminds us that a lot needs to be done and the onus is on our shoulders. Colonel  Thammayya   Udupa, Manager (Administration) was  happy that there was a good turn out and he could sense the patriotism amongst the students. He said, “There is a generation gap but it is the patriotism that bridges this gap and he was happy to sense it amongst the youth.”

Prof. Avinash Paranjape, Consultant and eminent faculty at TAPMI,  said that he is quite proud to be associated with TAPMI where the Independence Day is celebrated with meaningful events  and with no speeches, wherein everybody respects the dignity of the country and the institution of which they are a part. He said the way the sister institution KMC did the blood donation camp with great enthusiasm, commitment and dedication gives a great sense of satisfaction to him. This tradition of celebrating Independence Day with such meaningful events has been a tradition in TAPMI and he hopes that more such events would come up which will help TAPMI grow.

Blood donation Drive at TAPMI

“Donating blood can also make relations” and which day could be better than our Independence Day to make such relations? On this auspicious day, what followed the fervor of patriotism was the zeal of students of TAPMI towards a noble cause – ‘Donating Blood’.

The ‘Blood Donation Drive’ was organized by the Welfare Committee of TAPMI in collaboration with Kasturba Medical College. The able doctors and personnel from KMC extended their complete support and co-operation in this initiative. Some of the TAPMI’s faculty was among the first to donate blood, leading the way for the students. The students duly filled up the forms and waited for their turns to donate blood, never showing their lack of enthusiasm. Colonel K Thammayya Udupa, Manager (Administration) and Prof. Raghunath Rudran praised the welfare committee for organizing this drive and the students for being a part of this noble cause. A total of 62 people including students, faculty and service personnel of TAPMI, donated their blood.  There were other distinguished guests from Lions Club who also took part in this initiative. A Special mention of Mrs Veena Kudva, President, Lion’s Club, Manipal who has been donating blood every year has to be made at this point.  Going forward, the welfare committee plans to hold more such initiatives involving students of TAPMI and render service to the society.



2 thoughts on “‘Giving back to the society’- TAPMI making a difference on the 64th Independence Day

  1. My heartiest compliments to all TAPMIans for conducting such events. Let us look forward to more cheerful, eventful and successful life at TAPMI. With the news about AICTE clearing our Institute to admit 27 more PIOs besides NRIs for PGDM and also according approval for our PGDM-Health Care Program with 60 additional seats, I am proud to be a TAPMIan. That we shall be embarking into new areas in Management, attain higher capacity utilisation, collaborate with MU and other agencies in these endeavours and look forward to getting AACSB accreditation too before the 25th Annual Convocation in March/April 2011. Best wishes again….CP

  2. Bravo!!! Around this time last year Blood Donation Camp was organized in the Campus. I was very fortunately that I was one of the donors. I was and still very happy that I can donate my blood while I was in TAPMI. Thanks to the Almighty God for letting me donate my blood. I’ll remember that day.

    TAPMI/Tapmians keep on doing the Good thing.

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